Discrimination: Plain and simple at Whole Foods Market

I love shopping at Whole Foods. Wait. I LOVED shopping at Whole Foods. Past tense. Why? I don’t know who is worse, our buck toothed, smarmy liberal governor Smurfy or the businesses and population who comply with his bullshit. He has so much damn money you think he would get his teeth fixed, the ugly... Continue Reading →

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My Favorite Posts

Since I've been so busy I haven't been posting. I've been working on something pretty good. Hopefully I'll post it this weekend In the meantime, here are some of my favorite posts.  LIFE Gravy, Mmm, mmm Good! Left Lane Dicks  My Most Visited Post My Favorite Summer Memory What Lies Beneath Twenties vs. Forties... Continue Reading →

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Hurricane Sandy’s Lost Pets

Please share this Facebook page. LOST PETS The east coast needs you! Related articles Superstorm Sandy leaves thousands of pets in need (PHOTOS) (rt.com) Hurricane Sandy leaves thousands of pets in Need (spiritandanimal.wordpress.com) Help pets affected by Hurricane Sandy (waggit.com) More than 600 pets rescued in the Sandy's wake - Philadelphia Inquirer (blog) (philly.com) Hurricane... Continue Reading →

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