Bonsoir world!

Starting a blog is not as easy as I thought.  Where do I start?  What do I say?  Who really cares?
I do.

I seem to be having the same problem with my novel.  I have all these pieces but I can’t put them together.   Like my life.  I can’t seem to put it all together.  I have a great career that I love, a good husband who I love, a nice car, a nice house, a supportive family, a lot of friends and a ton of ambition.
I consider myself lucky that I have so much.

What I don’t have is the “get up off your ass” and do it component.  What I’m missing is that “Yay!  I finished it.”  I think they call that ADD.  My husband John has been telling me for years that I have ADD.  Yeah, yeah… whatever.  That would explain a lot.

It would explain that aside from my lengthy education, I just can’t finish a project.  I get bored easily and need to move on.  I master something, then it is no longer appealing to me.  According to my dad, I’ve been like this since birth.

I did everything quickly.  I climbed out of both my playpen and crib at 6 months, I walked by 8 months, I was talking before I reached 1 year and I was completely potty trained before the age of two.  I think that’s why I expect so much from people.  Let me explain… I don’t expect people to do the right thing (because then I would be let down) but I DO expect people to do things RIGHT.

That’s one of my flaws.  Aside from that and my ever-changing body I don’t consider myself to have many.  I’m sure many would disagree and I might agree with them.  The problem is that sometimes you need to look in the mirror or have someone be your mirror and not expose your flaws, but allow you to take another look inside yourself.

That’s all for tonight.  I hope to find my direction by the end of the week.

A la prochaine et Bonne Nuit.


8 responses to “Bonsoir world!

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  2. hi jacqui! yay you started a blog! i has one too, but mines a photoblog lol

    i didn’t know you were in the midst of writing a novel O_o

  3. Hear are my thoughts for what they are worth… Your mother would be disappointed in you! To much education/with no regrets! You must use your wonder gift!! I know that Tony, Vera, Your Mom and Your Grandma Kate are looking down on you..I think all great women have stories inside themselves! Please tell tell your story! Jeff so needs to know that part his story!

  4. Hey Jacqui, good start. I suggest a stream of consciousness blog. That way you are not bound to anything and you can change things up when you get bored. You can keep your readers on their toes :0) Oh, and BTW, WTH is that a sculpture/fountain of on your headliner up there?

  5. Well Jacqui, I’ve decided that ADHD/ ADD can be a precious gift in many ways. People with ADHD/ ADD tend to have powerful imaginations, can be highly spiritual, have amazing insight, are continually persistant and tend to see things that other people just miss out on. For instance, one day while on a hike with my eldest son with ADHD he notices this very intricate bird nest buried into a berry bush. Even when he pointed it out hardly anyone could see what he was seeing. People with ADHD/ ADD leap out of bounds with their daringness and original thoughts because of their impulsivity. Impulsivity gives the upperhand into exploring new areas of thought and also makes people with this gift unique as you become bored with whatever everyone else is doing or thinking. I think it is great to be different. I too beleive I have ADHD as well as my son but I have learned to use it as a gift and make people wonder how I can accomplish so much and run circles around them. Good Luck with your blogging. I enjoyed reading it.

  6. http://www.ajc. com/health/ content/shared- auto/healthnews/ adhd/630780. html

    The above article is on “Motivation May Be at Root of ADHD”

    “Among those with ADHD, the researchers found disruptions in the two dopamine pathways associated with reward and motivation.” Since you say you don’t have that get up off ass and do it component you may want to consider adding the below to your diet/ vitamin regimen:

    To increase dopamine eat foods that are high in the amino acid tyrosine. eggs,Brazilian nuts and yogurt. Tyrosine converts to dopamine in the brain with the help of B6.Or take the amino acid tyrosine 500mg 3 times a day with B complex.

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