The Biggest Loser

Next week I will be resuming my “healthy eating regime” – a.k.a. MY DIET.  Weight was never an issue for me when I was younger but once I let myself go the first time, it became easier and easier to pack on the pounds and even more difficult to shed them.

The first time I gained weight was when I spent my junior year abroad in Paris.  I was on my own for the first time, lonely and missing my family.  I ate my way out of my loneliness and didn’t even realize how heavy I was because of those damn “stretchy pants”.  When I left in September I weighed around 115 – 120 lbs and when I got off the plane at Christmas, I weight 142 lbs and couldn’t fit into any of my clothes.  I was in the double digits.  My mother didn’t even recognize me because my hair grew out medium brown and I was now a size 10/11.  This began my struggle with my weight.  A year later I lost it all and was back to “my norm”.

Right after I hit 26, I went up again and gained even more.  I weighed 158 lbs.  By the time my 10 year high school reunion rolled around, I was down to a size 8.  I wanted to go back to a weight I felt good at, but over the years I put on more and more.  Even though both my mom and my dad kept telling me that I had all these aches and pains because of my size, I had to realize it myself.  I had to be ready.

When I hit 40 I weighed 2 pounds short of 200.  For a 5’2″ medium-frame woman, this was not healthy.  I realized that my obesity could ruin my health and shorten my life.  The girls at work were starting a “Biggest Loser Club” and asked me if I wanted to join.  I did and lost 50 lbs.  I won the pool just about every month and collected my earnings and reclaimed “Jacqui”.  It took me 5 months of calorie counting and Wii Fit but I did it.

Now, at 42, I find myself in similar territory.  Not quite as drastic as previous weight gains, but I do not feel well as-is.  I’ve gone from a 4 to an 8 since April and now I am even fitting in my 10’s.  So, next week I will dive in and eat healthy and exercise and lose and win at the same time.

Size brings me to my other point.  Who changed the sizes?  The fashion industry?  Who?  At 120 lbs with measurements of 35 – 23 – 35, I was a size 5 or 7.  When I reached my “almost” goal weight (30 lbs off) of 150 lbs with much bigger measurements, I was wearing a size 4.  What happened there?  Is the fashion industry fooling us or are we fooling ourselves?

I’d like to make another wager, but no one will play with me anymore.  I hope you’ll join me next week on my “quest to feel best”.  Until tomorrow…  Bonne Nuit!


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