Boring Diet Speak

After the wake on Friday night, I drove home and went to bed early.  On Saturday I woke up with the sinus headache from Hell that continued through Tuesday.  Pumping myself with 2000 mg of Augmentin, I managed to recover and go back to work today.

I cried to my mom in Heaven to make the pain go away and it did.  Thanks Mommy.  I’m sure the 16+ Advil that I didn’t OD on, the Allegra D and the massive doses of antibiotic helped as well but mom is still a strong influence and force in my life.

I am so out of the loop of life.  My life.  I always seem to be doing 10 things at once and for the past 4 days, I did NOTHING but sleep, eat, take meds and pee.  On Monday I was scheduled to begin my “healthy eating regime” and stuck to it sick and all.

I sucked it up and stepped on my new digital scale to discover that I gained 21 pounds.  I was not surprised.  I had been eating crap for a while now and my body started to clue me in.  My calculations say that by July 2010 I should lose my 40 pounds.  I can’t wait.

The battle has just begun.  I lost 2 pounds since Monday and I am eating healthy and within my calorie range.  I have a long way to go to reach my goal but I know I can do it.

I apologize for this boring blog, but I should have my head out of the mist tomorrow.  A demain.


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