Culture or Torture?

I was born to be rich.  I know how to spend money.  I know how to eat, to act, to dress, to speak and to culture myself – whatever that means.  Let’s just say I have Champagne taste – and not the cheap stuff.

When my Aunt Tootsie lived upstairs from my Nanoo, I would always go visit her because she too appreciated the finer things in life.  We would watch Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous and eat Boursin cheese on fancy crackers.  That’s where I got my first taste “something different”.

When I lived in France I went to a soiree chez Monsieur Proulx where I reluctantly tried caviar for the first time.  The burst of fish eggs in my mouth was torture but I swallowed it politely and refused to eat caviar again.  I eventually developed a very discerning palate but sadly never for caviar.

I love to go to the theatre.  I hate musicals but I love plays and the opera.  Fortunately I married someone who also enjoys putting on your best and going to the Met for a fabulous show and a $17 glass of Champagne at intermission.

I can spend all day at The Metropolitan Museum of Art and meander around absorbing all the great works of art in my view.  I used to go there weekly by myself and get lost in the beauty.  In Paris the are museums everywhere and I took full advantage whether it was at the Louvre, the Picasso Museum, the Musee d’Orsay or the Musee de Carnavalet.

I feel like I’m bettering myself.  I feel like more people need to experience things that they may not normally do.  Go to a poetry reading, a museum, an opera.  See a great play based on a famous book like Huis Clos – one of my faves.  Drink wine or a fine Champagne instead of beer and if you can’t leave the beer behind, leave the Bud behind.  Try a Belgian Blanche or a Raspberry Porter or a fabulous Lambic or Kriek.  Open your minds and treat your taste buds.

Experience and live, for life is too short.


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    I’m still not rich…. but I’m trying!

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