Does it do it for you?

Can a song really make someone feel a certain way?  Really feel a certain way.  Whether it’s sad, horny, sexy, loving, guilty, reminiscent, happy or whatever brews down deep – Is it real?

Personally, I know that when I hear Mama by Connie Francis my emotions are so profound that I sob continuously while my chest heaves and my eyes infinitely run from tears.  I know that when I hear Apache by The Sugar Hill Gang, I want to bounce up and down and do the Fresh Prince dance.  When I hear Red House by either Buddy Guy or Jimi Hendrix I want to have crazy sex with my husband no matter where we are.

Def Leppard’s Pour Some Sugar On Me makes me want to grab a pole, slide up and down and dance like a stripper.  When I listen to Planet Queen I crave a Whiskey Sour and want to move to California.  Crowded House sends me into a reminiscent frenzy when I hear Don’t Dream It’s Over.  It reminds me of my first dance with Philippe in Paris at Le Saint a disco on rue St. Severin in le Quartier Latin.

Great Speckled Bird sung by The Blue Sky Boys makes me think of my family and all the wonderful people I’ve lost.  When I hear Ballroom Blitz I want to backwards skate at USA again.  When I listen to 99 1/2 won’t do I think about making out in Lucho’s Camaro in the eighties and when I hear Clarence Carter’s Strokin’ I want to go back in time and dance at The Hop in Bloomfield.

Does anyone feel like this?  I have vivid memories when a song is playing.  The music takes me back to another time and place.  When I blast (and I mean blast) my IPOD or pop the earphones in my ears I am completely transported somewhere else, no matter what is going on.

So why can’t we use it as a method of escapism from out daily grind and our ever suffocating problems?  Because they would never go away – our problems that it.  I’d love to lose myself in music every time I need to be lost – especially at work – but I realize I can’t sustain to the behavior and be responsible at the same time.

I love music.  Maybe that’s why I’ve always had a fondness for musicians – namely guitarists.  So I’m asking… Does it do it for you?  …. because music definitely does it for me.


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