Naughty Little Girl

Most of us have done our share of naughty things.  You can’t reach 40 without being a little wicked at least once.  Although I think I can safely change that number to 30 for many.  I can even change that number to 20 for me – but I’ll probably be going on yet another tangent.  In any case, I’ll save the really juicy “stuff” for the novel as this blog is mostly rated PG.

So how naughty were you?  I don’t even like to think about the state of my wayward youth.  I can say that I NEVER killed anyone, I NEVER cheated on my husband, I NEVER had group sex, I NEVER tried H – nor do I ever want to and I NEVER slept with a friend’s ex.  I guess that’s not a long list but it’s an important one.

So what constitutes being naughty?  What tips the scale towards risqué behavior?  Sex, drugs, rock and roll?  Hot candle wax, bondage, little white lies?  Pole dancing for your husband, spending the night in jail, cheating on a boyfriend?  Lying to your parents, staying out all night or all week, skinny-dipping?

Does inviting 4 out of the 8 boyfriends you have, all at once, to a party at your house – but still you manage to spend time with every one of them without anyone catching on – add up to wicked?  I don’t know.

Is being naughty such a bad thing?  I think it might keep things interesting because stagnancy I can’t handle.  Every appealing relationship I’ve had has been tumultuous.  I know I would get bored otherwise.  Does naughty matter if you’re over 21?

I know EVERYONE has met naughty at least once in their lives.  Tell me what you think of him because I think he’s great!

One response to “Naughty Little Girl

  1. wow.. once again thanks for the double teaming thoughts in my mind…lol…keep it coming!

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