Don’t Get Your Hair Done On Bring Your Pain In The Ass To Work Day

You all know that I love to be around little kids……NOT! My friends know that I get along great with teenagers but little ones scare me.  Children usually end up liking me but I could never figure out why.  I don’t give them the time of day.

I hated babysitting.  I always liked being around adults as a child.  I never had kids because I never had the urge to be a mom for more that a couple of hours.  I had a husband with 3 daughters so I figured I was set for children – we all know that didn’t work out.  Anyway, when I was a teenager a had a few babysitting jobs for some extra money.  I babysat my cousins, the neighbors kids, etc.  It was torture.  I was 15 years old when I changed my first and last diaper – and it was a doosie!

So being around rug rats is Hell for me because my patience and tolerance is limited.  In the past I have even suggested kennels for kids.  It would be like a 5 star hotel for brats when their parents want to have some quality time together.  I thought it was a good idea.

When I went to get my cut and color today I was hoping for a quiet, gossip magazine marathon.  I wasn’t thinking about “Bring Your Child To Work Day” but maybe I should have been.

I walked into the shop and walked back to the color chair where I saw a cute little girl playing with a variety of toys.  It was the owner’s niece and I thought nothing of it until the not-so-shy 5-year-old decided that she wanted to be my friend.  It’s like when someone doesn’t like dogs and the dog goes right to that person. I’m like that with gamins and gamines alike.

Once I got settled in the chair with my copy of US Weekly, the girl came up to me, stood next to me with no air in between us and started to chat.  When she finally went away I thought I was safe until I went over to get washed out in the sink.  She stuck her germ-infested puss in my grill and started making noises and faces in my personal space bubble.  If that wasn’t bad enough, while the operator was removing my foils, the kid turned the water on full-blast so the unattended hose exploded like a geyser all over my face and my body.

I stayed calm surprisingly.  I wiped myself off with a towel and started to enjoy the hair wash.  My peace was short-lived when the little guttersnipe ran into my arm (ouch!) and actually gave me a black and blue.  WTH?

With a smirk on my face and a bruise on my arm I made my way over to A’s chair for a much-needed cut.  A running child is not a good thing when there are scissors close to your face.  I was nervous wreck but I escaped the pointed weapons only to move on to yet another annoyance.

Of course the pain in the ass had to come right over and play with her horsies right next to my Guess bag.  She tried to move it and put in on the floor and thank God was promptly reprimanded and my purple baby was safe.

I felt like washing my purse and myself down with disinfectant as children breed disease like rats.  Do you think I’m being too harsh?

© 2010 J. H-M. and CultureChoc2010.


3 responses to “Don’t Get Your Hair Done On Bring Your Pain In The Ass To Work Day

  1. LOL! Sounds like a fun day!

  2. I feel your pain.

    Although I don’t really dislike children, I have absolutely no tolerance for children who are either left unattended, or worse, their misbehaviors ignored by their parents who are sitting right there.

    Some examples:

    When I go to a “family” restaurant I do expect children to be there and I do expect them to be buzzing. I know some kids even can’t sit still for very long, but unless its McDonald’s, it is completely inappropriate and rude to let them run around away from the table. I was at a family Italian restaurant/pizzaria trying to enjoy my meal and the company I was with when the kids at the booth near us started running up and down the aisle, bumping in to our table and tripping up the waitresses who were delivering food on those gigantic trays. No one said anything to the parents….they merely tolerated the kids tripping them up. I started talking loudly (for the parents to hear…who by the way were enjoying THEIR meal and conversation)about the nuisance that these kids were creating AND telling the kids to knock it off when they ran by me, and the people I was with got nervous. Too bad. Parents who don’t know any better or who seem not to care should be told.

    Some parents let their kids play in the toy aisle of a department store so they can shop in peace. Quite a long time ago I was in a toy aisle shopping for a friend’s kid’s birthday and an unattended, probably 8 year-old boy was there pulling toys down and leaving them on the floor. An employee came over and asked the kid nicely to please stop pulling things down and to go find his mother. He promptly ignored her and she was putting the toys back up on the shelves when he started to climb them. The employee, in a firm voice now, told the kid to get down and approached him to help him when the mother appeared at the end of the aisle to collect him….finished shopping and ready to leave. She reprimanded the employee for speaking to her son in the manner that she did and that’s when I intervened and said to her “If you don’t want other people telling your unruly kid to behave, then YOU stay with him. Take care of your own kid and don’t leave him for the staff to babysit!”. The employee’s eyes got really wide and the mother took her son and left in a huff….no answer for me. The employee said that they weren’t allowed to tell parents to watch their kids in the store. I found this preposterous.

    At our local mall there is a Food Court entrance. Right inside the foyer doors is a bar table lined with stools and people sitting there eating. I walked in one day to find a couple of young children, probably siblings and around 4 or 5 years old, running around the table and bumping into the stools while people were trying to eat, and tripping up the people who were walking through. And where were their parents? All the way to the side, at the very back of the room, enjoying their lunch in peace and compelely ignoring the fact that their kids not only are being a nuisance, but can very well be hurt!

    Sorry… got me started. LOL

  3. …..and the thing that kills me the most…..that loud, ear-piercing, screetch and incessant whine by some kid who wants something that their parent won’t give them. That sound goes right up my spine and into my brain and starts throbbing and that migraine starts to tease me. Wherever I am, either in a restaurant or a store, I have a limit to that sound, to just before my head explodes, and I have to get out of there. Its torture for me. If that’s MY reaction from a distance, how in the world is that parent allowing that siren to continue? I don’t get it. Do parents have a special shut-off valve in their brains?

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