Addicted To Jerseylicious?

I have to say that I am not a fan of MTV’s The Jersey Shore.  It’s supposed to be about Italian 20 somethings living at the shore but I must say I’m a tad offended.  It makes Italians look bad plus almost none of them are from NJ.  Don’t get me wrong, I know people who are straight out of the show yet I didn’t grow up in that type of family – maybe it’s because my dad was a Metigan and we just didn’t act that way.  Who knows?

The Jersey Shore aside, I can’t help myself from watching Jerseylicious.  I can’t wait to see what happens next.  It takes place at the Gatsby Salon in Greenbrook where I actually got my hair cut once or twice.  It’s a great place, with wonderful owners and a top-notch staff.  I just find some of these young girls so delusional and so fat for their ages (sorry I had to say it).  I don’t get it.  The amount of zebra, leopard and tacky style reign supreme in this Jersey reality show.

Olivia, I actually like.  She seems like a nice girl who is so totally overboard on Jersey style.  Jersey style?  I’m happy that no one clued me in.  Tracy, on the other hand, who clearly experiences delusions of grandeur and whose ass you couldn’t squeeze in on a billboard, is nasty and frankly a real honest to goodness bitch.  Maybe it’s because she’s young.

I remember when I worked at Francosteel in NYC, I used to wear a short, black mini, sky-high heels, a see thru blouse with a lace teddy underneath.  I was young but I still don’t think I looked that extreme.  I guess we all have to grow up sometime.

In any case, I enjoy watching their antics and find myself taking sides and screaming at the TV.  My husband is even a secret Jerseylicious spectator.

Gigi who seems like the sweetest girl is hung up on marrying Frankie, aka Vinny Boombatz.  He’s the type of person from who I’ve always ran the other way.  Cavone or Gavones seems like the operative word.  I wish Gigi luck.

Alexa, The Glam Fairy, seems deluded as to her fabulousness as well.  Pretty girl but full of herself and her immense talent – or is it just confidence?  She seems anti-marriage and completely career focused – not that I find anything wrong with that – but I think she needs a happy medium.

Anthony and Gayle & Christy seem normal and concerned about their businesses.  Why can’t Tracy & Olivia just tone it down.  When they had their make-under the two of them looked fabulous and showed that they have potential for class.  They have to realize that someday – I hope.

I hope that if you haven’t tuned in  to Jerseylicious, that you will and give it a chance.  Big hair, gaudy jewelry and tremendous personalities.  I know I’ll be watching it and wishing that Tracy will get the slap in the mouth that she deserves.  Jersey girls, best in the world.


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