Cook Dinner Or CookBook

Food has been the center of my universe since birth.  I grew up with an Italian mother who cooked a major meal every single night.  It didn’t matter if she was out all day, sick, working or just had a chemo treatment, my mom would always cook a healthy meal for my dad and I.

In my blog If I Can Cook… Anyone Can, I told you that I didn’t have any culinary skills until I was 20 – 21.  In fact I didn’t even know how to boil water but I learned to cook in Paris and fell in love with it when I returned home.

I have so many ideas and want to do so many things that sometimes I can’t think straight.  An idea I’ve been entertaining recently is writing a cookbook.  Am I crazy?  I get so many compliments on my food and love to cook that a few years ago I was planning on starting a small catering company.  Needless to say, my bubble was burst by my King of Naysayers and I put that idea on the side.

So what about a cookbook?  I do so much experimentation with food like creating new dishes to wow my husband weekly.  My Sunday Gravy and meatballs rival the best Italian-American cook and my hors d’oeuvre are succulent wonders.  If you have ever been to one of my cocktail parties, you know that the girl can cook.

My husband is so spoiled by gourmet meals nightly that his response to take-out pizza, Chinese or subs is more than negative.  He’s got it made yet constantly takes me for granted and poo poos the fact that I like to go out to dinner during the week.  He says that my place is home.  Bwahahahahahahaha – is all I can say.  Oh wait …I can say that he married the wrong girl.

Let’s say I just went off on a tangent.  Sorry about that.  Back to the cookbook.

The first thing I have to do is compile a list of suitable recipes.  Then I have to test them, photograph them and write them.  I rarely measure so that will be a challenge for me in itself.  I also need a HOOK.  Something to draw in the reader.  Why should you buy my cookbook?  What makes it interesting?  I even have a great name.  At least I think it’s a great name.

In any event, would anyone out there (especially those of you who have tasted my food) buy a cookbook from me or should I just stick to the catering gig?

Comments please.  Thanks!


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