The Good Ole Boys Club In The Workplace

Everywhere I ever worked there has been a Good Ole Boys Club that I’m never a member of for obvious reasons.  It frustrates me that women are so excluded that it creates a secret office buzz about the powers that be.

When I worked in the business world there was a Members Only Club.  It was made up of corner office idiots and middle management J.O.s who were just A**holes with power.  Nothing more.

When I changed my career and plunged head first in the world of education the Men’s Club was and still is ever-present.  Women always feel left out when this institution is allowed to reign.  The megalomaniac heads of the Dick Click are usually pompous, political ass-kissers with agendas of their own.

I have been so tempted to strap one on, walk into the enemy’s den and say, “Can I join now?”  Sadly, I wouldn’t.  I can dream, can’t I?

Men (or political correctness – not sure which) have already taken over so much…. Bring Your DAUGHTER To Work Day for example.  Now it’s take your child to work day.  What are they going to take next?  Our souls?

Anyhow, I’d love to know if you have a DICK CLICK chez vous.  Take my poll we can see if it exists EVERYWHERE – I think it does.  Let’s see how many people are affected by this cancer.

I don’t think it will ever disappear completely but for the futures of our young woman, I hope someone will be able to drop an A-Bomb on it so it destroys it so totally that it will never come back.


2 responses to “The Good Ole Boys Club In The Workplace

  1. The hospital is dominated by women….at least in Radiology. There are more male radiologists than female, but they’re their own entity. The family of techs are mostly female. Even when I worked for 15 years for the local ARC (handicapped adults and children) the field was dominated by women. I’ve never experienced the “boy’s club”. Oh well.

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