A Shoe Addiction Gone Bad

I’ve been asking my husband since March to bring down my summer shoes.  I had a limited number in my shoe closet but since the weather is so nice, I needed more.  Now it’s May and I still have my winter shoes piled up in the corner of my guest bedroom waiting to retire to the attic and a full closet of summer shoes already at home and a lot more hibernating and dying to take up residence in the infamous shoe closet.

Today I decided that I would venture into the hot, dusty, cluttered attic and rescue my fair weather footwear.  The tubs of shoes are way too heavy so I have to throw them down the ladder and scare the fur off my cats.  One by one I threw another shoe to the floor.  I emptied 2 shoe bags and a few Rubbermaid tubs and there are still more shoes tucked away.

I closed up the attic and looked at the floor in the office and was absolutely disgusted by what I saw.  The pile of shoes that generated (if I had the $$ for them) could feed a small country.  I was appalled by the sheer number of kicks I actually have.

I can’t imagine how much I have actually spent on shoes, though I know the number would make me seriously ill.  If only I have all that cash that I spent, but then I wouldn’t be so fashionable and so happy.

I almost went to MJM today after work, using the excuse that I had to go to Petsmart.  Well, I opted to go to the pet store in my town and managed to avoid the shoe paradise completely, though I was tempted by the Nine West outlet nearby.  Again I thwarted my overwhelming urge to shop for shoes.

The urge doesn’t stop there.  When I’m home and online, it’s torture not to pick up a pair or two at Zappos or Heels.com, but I need to at least try.  My addiction is getting the better of me and definitely getting the better of my closet space.

Many girls dream of a “shoe closet”.  I have one and I need a few more.  I know it’s horrible but I have few vices.  Food, drink, clothes and SHOES.  Is that so bad?


2 responses to “A Shoe Addiction Gone Bad

  1. Kim Torres Lorenzo

    Well, I now know that there are others like me out in the world! YEAH! I thought I was the only one! I only have about 175 pairs give or take!!! I don’t no the exact number!!! It is probably better that way! I like you love shoes, boots, sandals…it really doesn’t matter. When I was young I would buy the shoes and then have to buy an outfit to with them! Now that I’m older I am not quite as bad….as long as a don’t go the DSW, Shoes.com etc. I think you know where this is going!

    My other love I have come to discover are purses!!!!!! And I have managed to pass this on to my wonderful daughter Kyndall (shoes & purses)….which Jeff just hates!

    I guess this will never change. First my Mom, then me, now Kyn!!!!! God, if she has girls we are so in trouble!!!!!

    Again, thanks for letting me know that we are everywhere!!!!!

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