A Raving Lunatic’s Rants Of The Day: Part Two

This weekend was a boring yet stressful weekend.  I stayed in the entire time (except for Friday) cleaning and cooking and being a good wife and kitty mom.  On Saturday, my husband electrocuted himself (low-voltage) in the laundry room trying to disconnect the dryer.  I heard a loud scream, ran down the stairs at top speed almost falling and saw my guy in the laundry room with blood spurting out of his hand everywhere.  It was so scary.  I felt like fainting from all the red.

Being the typical man that he is, he opted out of an ER visit for stitches or tetanus shot despite my urging.  After the initial shock, we went on with our “stay-at-home” weekend.  I worked out.  I made Sangria.  I chilled after housework.  All was well.

After courageously stepping on the scale Sunday morning, I decided that I HAVE TO STAY on my diet!  Everything in moderation time.   In honor of my impending suffering, I cooked a nice linguine in white clam sauce so I could “get it out of my system”.

I knew I was going to be cranky but had no idea how crabby I would actually become.  My poor students.  I was a drill sergeant today tolerating NOTHING.  When I woke up this morning, I felt refreshed – little did I know what the day had in store for me.

First I don’t know what took me so long to get ready (I was in fashion-crisis today), but I took a little longer than usual.  I jumped into my car to discover – guess what? – no gas again!  Already late, I had to stop at the Gulf on the way to the GSP and put in $15 to tide me over until I hit a cheaper gas station.  I raced up the parkway thwarted by every left lane dick in the tri-state area but finally made it to work with enough time to make coffee and eat breakfast before my home room got there.

The ride to work was a little bumpy, so I checked my tires in the parking lot to see if they were ok.  They weren’t.  I had a giant bubble in my tire.  Damn low-profile tires!  Now I had to call and get a price – and quickly.  Two tires at the BMW dealer cost me over $600 last time.  I was hoping for a cheaper option, so I made some calls and finally got a price of $230.  A bargain.  Sure.

Next I had to postpone home instruction because I didn’t want to ride around on a bubbled tire.  I e-mailed the mom and switched it to another day this week.  I couldn’t wait for the day to end.  I drove over to Red Bank (with fingers crossed) to order a Whirlpool Steam Dryer.  Of course, there was a 3 week wait from the factory.  My luck or lack thereof.  We tried 2 more brands and finally hit a bullseye with a GE.  It costs a little more but delivery on Saturday was the cherry on top (a good cherry).

Afterwards I was on my way over to see Alex to find out if it was alright to drive on my bubble.  The phone rang and it was my husband.  His car broke down 5 minutes from his work (an hour away).  That meant that AAA would have to tow it back down the shore and no work for him tonight.  OMG!  What was happening?

Happily they told me that I could drive on the tire (no donut for me) but sadly under 95 mph.  I stopped at Shell for gas and shot over to the parkway south.

Driving home I was thinking that it had to be Murphy’s Law or a giant black cloud looming over my head.  An expensive day in the life of a teacher who only gets 3 more paychecks until September 15th.  Maybe a summer job?  The hubs doesn’t want me to bartend or be social in any way.  Maybe I can start silk-screening tee-shirts earlier than planned.  What would be a good job for me?

A summer job where I can set my own hours and pay?  Lemme brainstorm…  Ah……

A whore perhaps?  Just kidding – I think.

© J. H-M. and CultureChoc2010, 2010.


2 responses to “A Raving Lunatic’s Rants Of The Day: Part Two

  1. Hey good blog… first time reading (sorry)
    We missed you on Sunday
    hope to read more

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