On The Radio, Oh Oh Oh Oh, On The Radio…

Running late as usual I dashed out of my house hoping I had everything I needed:  lunch, phone, tampons and my IPOD.  I turned on the radio to see what my NJ DJ was talking about today.  I hoped he wasn’t bashing teachers, I was so sick of hearing it.  To my surprise he was talking about a subject that I am all to familiar with:  LEFT LANE DICKS!

You know, the people who hang out in the left lane that’s supposed to be for passing only.  Well anyway, he was reading a piece on the LLD and it sounded so familiar.  All of a sudden I realized that he was reading MY blog on Discourteous Richards:  Alive And Well In NJ.

MY BLOG!  I was so excited that I was smiling, clapping while driving with my knee and frankly, feeling a little superior.  I was pleasantly surprised and shocked at the same time but so thrilled for my 15 minutes of fame.

I had a crummy 2 weeks before and I needed to smile, and boy was I smiling from ear to ear.  Talking to myself and still clapping while I listened to people call in and bitch about the Left Lane Dicks in NJ, I was finally in a good mood.

I was sailing up the left lane on the GSP and passing car after car enjoying my driving freedom and my sense of accomplishment.  My good mood was short-lived when some DB cut me off to get in the left lane and slow up like a typical Discourteous Richard.

The Left Lane Dick ruined my great mood – but I guess he is why I was in a good mood to begin with!

Image: Francesco Marino / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

© 2010 J. H-M and CultureChoc2010


3 responses to “On The Radio, Oh Oh Oh Oh, On The Radio…

  1. How cool! That was a great blog.

  2. nice blog i luved it

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