Kitty Talk: An Embarrassing Admission

I don’t know about you, but I can’t help but baby-talk to my 2 kitty cats.  My husband makes fun of my catlingo but my babies know exactly what I say – at least I think they do.  With names like Bailey Boots Little Pussy & Peaches N. Crème de Menthe, it’s hard not to have fun.

Besides Peaches and Bailey I call them tons of names.  I don’t know how they know who I’m talking to, but they do:

  • Bailey, Boots, Bear, Buddy, Mommy, Bootseree, Baldor, G Boy, Mommy’s Boy, Kitty Cat Bat, Tee La, Mommy Ska La, Foo Fighter, Pretty Boy, Boo, Smee, Snuggy, Ma Moo, Boo Bear Boy, Teess, Swee, Cheese, Chicken, Mummy, Boodis, Butter Bean….
  • Peaches, Bear, Mommy’s Girl, Mommy, Bunny Girl, Cotton Tail, G, Buddy, La, Peachka, Snuggy, Bunny, Buddy Girl, Cheese, Chicken, Mummy, Butter….

They also have their own theme songs (yes, I’m nuts).  If I sing Bailey’s song, he comes and Peaches does the same.  Do you want to hear them?  Again, I know I’m nuts but I love my babies.

  • Bailey Bear with black hair, he’s my Bailey, Bailey Bear.
  • Peaches N. Cream, Peaches N. Cream, little itty bitty, bitty Peaches N. Cream.

My Catlingo continues to not only names and songs but to everyday cat chat.

Food is foodis.  Do you want me to open the door for you is you want Mommy opee up?  Do you want to go to bed becomes you wanna go seepy in the bed?  The only thing that seems to stay the same is do you want to eat? The backyard wildlife all have names too.

  • squirrels = squirrlees
  • chipmunks = ship monkeys
  • birds = birdies
  • rabbits = bunny wabbits
  • bugs = buggies
  • mice = mousies
  • ants = anties
  • cats = kitty cat friends

That about covers the yard and surrounding areas.  I know I sound like a total nut but I remember my parents always talking baby talk to our dogs when I was growing up.  Even with my pets, my mom, when she was alive and my dad always talked baby-talk to their grand-cats.  It’s a given.

Do you?  I think almost everybody does it, but many don’t admit it.  I can’t believe I am!

© 2010 J. H-M and CultureChoc2010

4 responses to “Kitty Talk: An Embarrassing Admission

  1. OK….so I now know I’m not the only crazy person who is called “cat lady”. I admit that I too sing songs and name-rhyme with my girls, although I have to say I don’t talk baby talk to them. I have the feeding song (and I also call the food FOODIES): Fooooodies, for the bitty babies, ’cause everybody’s hungry, they’re hungry hungry girlies, ’cause I never feed them, ’cause I’m a bad mommy”. Well, Boo always comes running first….actually she thinks everything I do is all about her….but the other two soon follow because feeding time is an exciting adventure for them (and so is my time in the bathroom for some reason…they all come running and wait outside the door for me). I had once read a silly comparison between men and women and one of the things ONLY WOMEN CAN DO is decipher different expressions on a cat’s face. THEY DO HAVE FACIAL EXPRESSIONS!!! I KNOW I’m not the only crazy who thinks so. Anyway, I’m glad you posted this. People who don’t have pets…specifically cats….SO DON’T UNDERSTAND!!

  2. I’m glad that someone else would actually admit it too! Thanks. They do have facial expressions. Pet people are a different breed entirely.
    Bailey was crying to my husband, sitting by the back sliders. John said What do you want? He meowed. He said You want to go to Angelina’s (a restaurant), Bailey just looked at John. John said, You wanna go out? Bailey meowed.
    They are so smart. I talk to them like people since I’m alone most of the time. I need someone to talk to and my cats are good company. : )

  3. ok so i talk to my baby all the time..and she listens. she has a zillion nicknames as well, sometimes she’s pebbles, pebs, monkey face, chunky monkey, jelly belly, porkchop, baby girl, lovey, stinky, curly q, chunk, punkin’, good girl, and on and on. nothing is more therapeutic after a stressful day than puppy kisses and petting her silky ears while she simply provides unconditional love 🙂 how could i not have spent the $10,000+ it took to provide her surgery, radiation and follow up she’s my baby ❤

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