Getting It From Behind

Little did I know that when I put my top down, cranked up the IPOD, rolled down the windows and started on my way home that I would be taking it in the rear.

I was driving home on the Garden State Parkway listening to Rump Shaker and enjoying  the 90 degree heat when traffic slowed down and I realized that there was probably an accident up ahead.  I was traveling about 20 mph when I noticed this jerky guy in my rear-view mirror tailgating me and driving like an ass.  I said out loud, “This A-hole is going to hit me.”

I kept driving along quite calm and un-irritated by the gridlock but I was thinking that I would be annoyed if it was a jam-up from rubbernecking.  I was almost at a full stop when the dope behind me smashed into my rear.

I started screaming expletives, motioned to him to pull over to the right shoulder and promptly dialed 911.  The guy genuinely apologized but I was so pissed off all I could utter was “it’s ok” and continue on my silent rant and check the damage.  Yes I had damage.  It didn’t look like much but when it comes to my BMW everything costs more.  The guy’s license plate actually made indentations in my bumper, scratched it up and took small chunks out of the fiberglass.  Shit!

I waited on the side of the road for what seemed like an eternity.  It was hot too and everyone was glaring at us as they drove by.  Finally a trooper arrived and I explained what happened, gave him my credentials and he was off to his truck.  He didn’t even want to write a police report!  Are you kidding me?  He said that it wasn’t over $500 worth of damage – does he drive a Beemer?  A little chip in my door from a careless driver in the parking lot was estimated at $495 – I can’t imagine what this is going to be.

While I was waiting for the cop to write his report I stood on the side of the road.  First my neighbor Ann called.  Her husband drove past and told her to see if I was ok.  Then Terry called.  She and Al also drove by and saw me standing alongside my poor baby (the car that is).  I got back in the car and all of a sudden a beige car stops on the shoulder up ahead.  Who the Hell was this?  A girl gets out of her car and starts running down the shoulder.  Amy!  It was my friend Amy!  She stopped to see if I was ok.  How sweet.  I’ve been laughing about it all afternoon – I wish I had a video camera!

A little while later I was back on my way home.  I was grateful that it was a minor accident and not a major one – the major one was up ahead causing all the congestion.  I am grateful for my friends that cared enough to call or stop.  They are THE BEST!  As far as my BMW goes…  I guess I have to wait for the police report before I can do anything.

I’ve never been against getting it from behind, but when it comes to my 330 ci stay off my ass!

© 2010 J H-M and CultureChoc2010.


10 responses to “Getting It From Behind

  1. Glad you weren’t hurt and the damage was minor.

  2. Jackie!
    Thank goodness you are okay. There are so many freaks on the road, especially this time of year.

  3. They are crazy on the road. Wait until lunch tomorrow I have the best story!!

  4. I EFFING HATE TAIL-GAITERS!!! Even when you’re in the passng lane going friggin’ 80 they’re on your ass. Where the hell are they going in such a rush? And then they pass you just to be directly in front of you….like that one car length makes a difference. I’m glad you’re OK too, but someone behind you who you KNOW is not paying enough attention…well, let’s just say you can play around with him. My brother used to throw garbage out his windows at tail-gaiters (you know, before he was married with children). I think I’ll invent a laser gun that you can hit a button on the dash and it will rise up out of the back of your car and start shooting urine or something at the car behind you who’s driving like an a**hole. LOL

  5. i am glad it was a minor accident…but i have to smile on this one…. i used to live in jersey…and worked in east orange…taking the parkway was always a horror…folks act like they just got thier license yesterday and are in a rush to return it…i moved to pa…and i have to admit… the traffic is not one of the things i miss about NJ…


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