The Serious Stress Of Teaching

I recently read an article on titled 12 Seriously Stressful Jobs and my job was listed as number 5.  Number 5.  Teacher.  Number 5.

I was shocked that my profession made the cut, but not at all surprised.  Let me tell you a bit about myself…  I am a certified teacher in both French and Spanish.  This is a plus and a minus in my field.  It’s a plus because you’re dual certified and very marketable.  It’s a minus because you get to do more work than anyone else who is certified in one subject.

This year I am teaching 8 classes, 6 DIFFERENT classes per day, 7 DIFFERENT classes in total, 2 different languages and have a sh**load of papers to grade.  That means 6 lesson plans per day times 5 days = 30 written plans per week including the objectives, procedure, evaluation and homework.

Now I’m not bitching about my job, just the inequality of it all.  I always do my job and do it well because that’s who I am.  Give me any task and I will surpass all expectations.  Year after year I get more disgruntled about my workload because I seem to get screwed more and more.

Next year will be not different I suspect.  I’m happy to HAVE a good job and a job that I like.  The kids will keep me forever young and I pray that the stress will not counteract that youth.  This has been one of the most frustrating years for me on record.  Not only in my career but in my personal life.  I try not to let my personal life filter into my work life but my professional life filters ever so strongly into my private life – so I guess I have to give and take.

You can’t be a teacher without becoming involved in your students’ lives.  It’s almost impossible and definitely impossible for me.  I don’t know how nurses and doctors do it – losing patients and watching them die.  I don’t think I could CUT IT OFF per se.

The stress of it all makes me crazy.  It’s far more stress than in the business world – maybe just a different kind – parents, exams, BAD behavior, etc.  Dealing with it all from so many angles…. well……  not ideal.

So how do teachers survive?  Down time works for me.  Vacations and summers off (not getting a paycheck sucks though) are a much-needed rest and regroup.  You need to recharge your batteries so you can be fresh again in September.  Remember the kids will always be FRESH too.  LOL.

© 2010 J. H-M and CultureChoc2010.

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