Words I Love To Say

I’m a Jersey girl so snappy words and forceful hand gestures are innate.  I can’t drive 2 blocks without screaming at a stupid driver while gesturing to him or her with BOTH hands, all the while driving with my knee.

Words are a way of life in New Jersey, so you best choose them wisely.  They’re naughty and nice and just plain… well… Jersey.

Here is some of my preferred parole:

  • DB:  I hope I don’t have to spell it out for you.
  • Sans:  It means without in French.  It’s just so much more convenient.
  • Jerk Off:  This was always (and still is) a staple word chez moi.  Though my husband prefers Jack Off – I don’t like to monkey with perfection.
  • Pussy:  I love using this word for my cats and wimpy personnes.  I don’t like to contract it with wimp because I think it’s all good on its own.
  • Horror Show:  I like to use this to describe someone that’s a TOTAL disaster.
  • Dick Click:  Refers to the Good ‘Ole Boys Club.  It’s just so much more catchy.
  • New Shoes:  I just LOVE hearing those words and saying them.  I get titillated from head to toe.
  • Happy Hour:  Happy + Hour = a good time.
  • F***:  One of my all time faves!

What are some of yours?

© 2010 J. H-M and CultureChoc2010.

One response to “Words I Love To Say

  1. I love you! (say it every day to my husband, children, and dog )

    Bachagaloop- Silly name that I use with my husband and kid’s.

    Idiota- Nicer word for stop being an Idiot!

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