My Favorite Summer Memory

When I was a little girl, Mom, Dad and I used to live in a 3 room apartment above my Aunt Mimi and my Nanoo in Nutley, NJ. We had no air conditioning so the porch was the only way to keep cool on hot summer nights.

There was a couch-like swing and a rocking chair where my grandma used to sit and rock for hours. I remember laying on that swing every night while my family told me stories – real and imagined.

It’s 40 years later and I’d give anything to sit on that porch, and fall asleep on that swing and listen to all the good people in my life who are no longer of this Earth.

Life was so simple back then. Sometimes we need to step back and take another look, so we can not only cherish the past but embrace it in the present.

© 2010 J. H-M and CultureChoc2010.

6 responses to “My Favorite Summer Memory

  1. well you can come sit on mine and my mom’s porch and i’ll tell you all sorts of imaginative stories and you can fall asleep with us and the kitties 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing this beautiful memory. It makes me thing of my childhood when my parents used to tell stories after dinner under the tree in fornt of our house.

  3. I remember flying a little blue airplane into a tree in that backyard lol

  4. That swing was great ! Your choking me up.

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