School’s Out For Summer

It was the last day of school on Thursday (Wednesday for the kids) and my room looks like a bomb went off – the custodians are probably swearing at me as I type.  Not that it’s not always a mess – but it’s worse if that’s possible.

My day started out with a pre-alarm phone call from my husband who had managed to get 2 flat tires on the Garden State Parkway within 5 miles of each other.  AMEX was not an accepted means of payment, so in the middle of my shower I had to dry off and go through a complicated rigmarole to get the bill paid – long distance.  My sinus infection was worse than yesterday and my voice was slowly vanishing.

On Wednesday, my students were revved up all day long fueled by cupcakes, brownies, cookies and candy – to name a few.  So by the time 11th period rolled around, they were through the roof:  climbing on chairs, being sneaky, yelling, jumping around, standing on the desks slapping their asses and trying to hug me.  I had lost all control.  Eleventh period is a tough class to begin with.  There are the hooligans, miscreants, learning-disabled, social-inepts, slugs, over-achievers, under-achievers, wise guys, sweethearts and all-around model students.  It’s a big mixed bag that’s never dull.

Who was suspended last week?  Who is getting suspended?  Who’s in ASP?  Who lost all their books?  Who returned 4 textbooks – and none of them were his?  Who farted?  Who had to pee?  Who’s ass is hanging out?  Who’s creepily hanging around my cove?  Who’s this?  Who’s that?  Who, who, who?  It’s never-ending.

Until the last day of school – when summer begins.  It’s a cooling off period – a battery re-charging of sorts for all involved – teachers, students and parents.  The stress of school/work is gone – at least for 2 months – and then we start anew in September.  That’s the great this about teaching – you always start fresh in September.  Everyone gets a clean slate.

In June everyone has had enough of each other.  Sometimes the mere though of spending another second with someone sends me to a premature breakdown from which I eventually recover after some much-needed absence.  The kids get on my nerves and in many cases the parents are worse.  I find myself disconnecting from everyone:  students, parents and colleagues.

Then there are the sad occasions, that no matter what’s going on in your head, you are there for your kids and friends.  A death, a loss of some kind or perhaps a transfer can trigger your LOVE, KINDNESS and UNDERSTANDING genes that you do possess but carefully tuck away when your crankiness abounds.

Today is my first free day.  I’m already stressed about not receiving any more paychecks until September.  I’m still sick and on antibiotics.  Before I even got down the stairs this morning, I cleaned up vomit and hairball.  The sun is playing peek-a-boo.  I ran out of coffee but luckily found a packet of Starbucks Via in the island cabinet.

My first day of summer vacation has not been a model of perfection so I treated myself to a nice, greasy lunch with Ronny McDo.  I feel better now.

Let the games begin!

© 2010 J. H-M and CultureChoc2010.

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