Reruns of 'The Brady Bunch' still hold up

Some TV shows are timeless and will endure years passing by. Others are so much fun to watch or remind me of a great childhood memory. TV has been ever-present in my life.

My dad used to work nights so my mom always let me eat dinner in front of the TV watching the Munsters or the Addams Family. I even did my homework chained to the black box we call television.

Here are a few shows that I can watch over and over. They span decades (oops, I’m showing my age) but in no way are a complete list for me.

Maybe you have some of the same. Enjoy!

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The Brady Bunch
I can never get enough of them. It was a childhood staple.

Murder She Wrote
Who doesn’t love Jessica Fletcher?

I never get tired of Peter Falk in his shabby raincoat wearing role as Lieutenant Columbo.

Hysterical today as well as yesterday.

Beverly Hills 90210: The Original
I can’t help myself. I’m obsessed.

Dream On
Martin Tupper is the bomb. I wish I could find later seasons on DVD.

The Sopranos
Yesterday, today and tomorrow. It’s life in Jersey and I’m a Jersey girl.

Gilligan’s Island
Who wouldn’t want to be stuck on an island with the cute professor?

The Facts of Life
I just love the girls and Mrs. Garrett.

Everybody Loves Raymond
I actually know people like this and crack up every time. My favorite is Debra’s boob episode.

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2 responses to “Reruns of 'The Brady Bunch' still hold up

  1. As for the older shows, loved the Brady Bunch but was more into Lost in Space because of the campiness of it. The old Batman TV show from the 60s and 70s is absolutely hysterical! And I loved Gilligan’s Island too. Newer shows that I’ll watch over and over are Seinfeld….actually I have the entire series on DVD…..Everybody Loves Raymond…..Sex and the City…..Reba…..Still Standing.

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