Summer Reading

I just got my summer reading books from Amazon today!  I love to read but never find the time to actually finish a book from September to June.  Summer is my savior in that respect and many more.

As soon as I read the last 10 pages of High On Arrival, I will be plunging into a slew of literature that shall make my poolside sunning more pleasurable.

  • Secret Diary of A Call Girl:  The first few pages are titillating.  So far, a must-read.
  • A Moveable Feast:  Ernest Hemingway’s famous novel.  Might be next on my list.
  • Looking For Mr. Goodbar:  I loved the movie – let’s see if I love the book.
  • Dead In The Family:  Charlaine Harris’ 10th in the series.

My taste in literature is quite eclectic – from fiction to political, to classics to nonsense.  I love them all!  I read books in 4 languages:  English, French, Spanish and Portuguese and rarely get bored.  I’m sad that I only seem to read in the summer.  Reading is such an experience and I usually enjoy all of the books I read for pleasure.

There are a few I could never seem to get through, but I set them aside to hopefully try-out another day:

  • Darkly Dreaming Dexter:  I love the series on SHO but can’t seem to get through the first few pages of the book.
  • Secrets of The Flesh:  A Life of Colette:  Read sporadically but had to keep re-visiting.
  • Twilight:  I liked the movie.  I don’t want to watch it again and I can’t seem to get into the book at all.
  • Angela’s Ashes:  I keep putting it down though it’s a great story.

Here are a few I’ll read again and again:

  • Huis Clos:  Jean-Paul Sartre’s existentialist play.  One of my faves.
  • Helter Skelter:  Disturbing but so interesting.

Here’s one I borrowed and never read:

  • Rimbaud: I need to read this soon!

Whether it’s a collectible first edition (in English) of Guy de Maupassant’s stories, a book on Roseville Pottery, countless French Folio plays and other stories, scrapbooking ideas, sewing books, Petit Roberts or beginner’s Lithuanian, I own them.  I am a Bibliophile through and through bordering on addiction.  When I’m in France I scour Gibert Jeune and other libraries to find the perfect neuf and occasion livres to mail or drag home in my suitcase.  In the states any bookstore online or in person will do.

So take out your summer books and READ and enjoy!  I am.

© 2010 J. H-M and CultureChoc2010.


One response to “Summer Reading

  1. Enjoy! I also picked up my summer reading for myself and the boys a few weeks ago. Just started the first book the other day. Know the feeling very well of only being able to read during the summer.

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