The Pearl Necklace

After watching Julie and Julia for the 100th time, I started thinking about pearl necklaces.  No!  NOT that kind of pearl necklace!  I’m surrounded by pervs.

Anyway, I was thinking that I have several colliers but not one of them are the real deal.  It’s never been important to me – probably because in my 43 years I have worn traditional pearls only once or twice.

The pearl necklace is the epitome of elegance and class.  It’s a shame that when you Google it the first entry is from the Urban Dictionary and you know where that’s going.  Do you know that Wikipedia even has a photo or two on their site.  Insane.  In any case, Pearls are incredible.

  • The pearl was my mother’s birthstone.
  • Pearl (Janis Joplin) was one of my favorite singers.
  • Pearls come from oysters – and I love to eat oysters!
  • Pearls are jewelry and baubles are good.

Pearls are like people:

  • There are different types of pearls:  Akoya, Freshwater, South Sea, Tahitian.
  • They come in different colors:  white, white rosé, black, silver, gold, pink.
  • They come in various shapes:  round, off-round, oval, teardrop, semi-baroque.
  • They come in different sizes:  5 to 13.
  • Some are natural and some are cultured.
  • They come in different lengths.
  • You have to take care of your pearls so they will stay beautiful.

We find Pearls in art:

  • Girl With The Pearl Earring
  • Woman With A Pearl Necklace
  • Portrait of Marie Antoinette

We also find pearls in scripture.  They have a history.  So next time you see the QUEEN of jewels around someone’s neck, admire them and treasure them and remember where they come from.

Pearls are like people and so much more.


3 responses to “The Pearl Necklace

  1. Jack…I didn’t know you were so cultured..
    great story
    keep them coming

  2. Oh, I love pearls too, but I actually really used to dislike them, so I got my first real ones when I was 30 years old!

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