Just Another Saturday Morning

It’s Saturday morning and I just brewed some Starbucks and cooked some fabulous scrambled eggs with fresh herbs from the garden, smoked gouda and swiss cheese. I’m sitting on my patio drinking my caffeine fix for the day with my husband (who’s on HIS laptop ignoring me), just enjoying the beautiful, sunny day and the backyard wildlife.

My cat Bailey is eagerly staring out the back sliders, meowing, hoping that someone will pick him up and bring him outside. He loves sitting in the yard – in our laps of course because he WILL take off. The Goldfinch are tweeting and fighting over the Nyjer seed sock that we refill for them often. The chipmunk is dashing around the yard looking for food to stuff in his cheeks. The Blue Jays are dive bombing the yard while squawking and shrieking in intimidating Blue Jay fashion. The squirrels are digging holes everywhere, burying their peanuts and Italian bread, planning to remember where they buried their culinary treasure.

The lady duck has already had her swim for the day, but she’ll be back a few more times – maybe she’ll bring her mate. The wrens are prowling around looking for worms. I wonder where they’re nesting this year? My other half tore himself away from his computer so he can refill all the bird feeders in the yard. My coffee is lukewarm and it’s getting humid out here already and my hot tub is making me crazy by switching on and off and on and off. I’ll have to reset it. It’s just another Saturday morning chez moi.

Enjoy your July 4th weekend!


One response to “Just Another Saturday Morning

  1. That cat looks super lazy. Haha. Based on all this wildlife, it sounds like you have quite the backyard – All you’re missing is a peacock strutting around. Thanks for the interesting post!

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