Words I Love To Hear

Previously I wrote a blog about words I love to say:  DB, sans, JO, pussy, horror show, dick click, new shoes, happy hour and the F word.  Today I think “words I love to hear” will be on the menu.

Words I LOVE to hear:

  • Free:  Anything that’s free with no strings attached is good.
  • On Sale:  I rarely buy sale items but when I hear those words it’s wonderful.  A total bonus.
  • You won:  I am one of the most competitive people you’ll know.  I love to win.
  • Presents:  I love getting gifts.  Presents are the tipsy cherries in my Rockstar Rootbeers.
  • Out To Dinner:  I love cooking but when my husband says, “Let’s go out to dinner”, I’m thrilled.  When he says, “Let’s go to Angelina’s”, I’m even more delighted.
  • Happy Hour:  It’s amazing how two little words can make me happy – and two little cocktails can make me happier!

Tell me what you LOVE to hear!

    Image: Yaron Jeroen van Oostrom / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

    © 2010 J. H-M and CultureChoc2010.


    One response to “Words I Love To Hear

    1. haha this is amazing, and so true! I love to hear all of those phrases as well! Especially “on sale” 🙂

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