Baths vs. Showers: The Best Way To Get Wet

When I was little I always wanted to take a big-girl shower.  My mom made me take baths for a long time but I endlessly longed for a that spray of water on top of my head while I opened my mouth to get a taste.

As a teenager, I thought baths were gross.  Sitting there in your own filthy water while an errant hair floats by – YUK!  I could not bear it and I had to have the cleanest OCD tub in NJ.

Adulthood has brought me to the realization that I love baths again.  A bubble bath, an oil bath, a foam bath or a salt bath.  I’ll take them all.  I lower the lights in my bathroom, light some scented candles, pour a glass of Old Vine Zin and try to coax my other half to join me (he never does – I think we need a bigger tub).

I dream about a giant tub for two.  A bathtub where I can stretch out, covered in water from neck to toe (with no parts sticking out).  A soaking tub – with heated jets and aromatherapy – and maybe a sauna or steam to boot.

I’m glad that I haven’t forgotten – or rather can re-appreciate a good old bath and its therapeutic qualities.

What do you prefer?  A bath or a shower?  I still can’t decide the best way to get wet…. well I can, but that has nothing to do with bathing – but that’s another blog.

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3 responses to “Baths vs. Showers: The Best Way To Get Wet

  1. Well the bath you describe sounds great but with kid’s I never take a bath. As a matter of fact I am the queen of 5 minute showers. I guess now that the boys are older I could slow it down but I am so use to rushing. Or perhaps a nice vichy shower at the spa would be nice. That is another thing I have not done for years.

  2. NateIsAGirl'sName

    Baths for me. Bubbles, classical music, candles. Everyday. Showers are for when I’m in a rush. I’ve heard that the Japanese have a great system: quick shower, then relaxing bath immediately after.

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