My Favorite Comfort Food

Comfort food is a relative term.

Comfort food is a relative term. Since last September, I’ve been indulging in comfort food all the time – that would explain my 20 pound weight gain. Yeah, yeah – I know you’ve heard it before… I’m just so upset by myself for gaining back some weight. In any case….

My favorite comfort food is a handful of ravioli in a quick marinara. When my mom was still alive and I went to visit, she always asked me what I wanted her to make me – and it was always a handful of ravies. This was home.

When I’m upset or sad, or mad for that matter, I always turn to macaroni. Whether it’s ravioli in gravy (red) or pastina with a little grated cheese and truffle oil, I’m overwhelmingly comforted.

Now what I want to know, is it mental or physical? Do the carbs make me feel good or is it the memory of family that makes it so appealing?

I’d opt for the latter. What food calms you down and makes it all better? I’d love to know.

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2 responses to “My Favorite Comfort Food

  1. Pasta and Chocolate

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