Pork Roll, Egg and Cheese: A New Jersey Wonder

Whether you are from North, Central or South Jersey, Pork Roll, Egg & Cheese is the ultimate Jersey breakfast and late-night diner sandwich.

If you’re from North Jersey, you call it Taylor Ham, Egg & Cheese and if you’re from the Jersey Shore on down, it becomes Pork Roll, Egg & Cheese.  I’m not really sure what the Central Jersey peeps do.

From what I hear it’s almost impossible to get outside of the tri-state area – what will I do if I ever move?  It’s a heart attack on a plate that I prefer to enjoy (no matter the time of day) with a side of french fries and brown gravy (on the side, of course).

This morning was no exception.  I can’t figure out why I would snarf such a giant calorie fest when I have to put on a bikini in a little while.  I guess I’m just a masochist or a Jersey Girl – probably a little of both.  The extra side of sausage was just an unnecessary evil but I couldn’t resist – I’ll be stuffed until dinner.

Pork Roll, Egg & Cheese even tastes great at 4 am after a serious night of clubbing and drinking.  It takes the drunk edge off but can sometimes drive you to the porcelain god if you’re not careful.

I tried to make it at home many times but it NEVER tastes as good as the diner’s.  Maybe it’s the melted yellow, American cheese or maybe it’s the greasy griddle that it’s cooked on.  I don’t know but it’s one of my go-to food splurges.

If you’ve never indulged in this Jersey wonder, I recommend you do so as soon as possible.  It’s a little taste of Jersey that will probably stay with you all day!

What do you think?

Picture Courtesy of nj.com

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16 thoughts on “Pork Roll, Egg and Cheese: A New Jersey Wonder

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  1. I have been from Jersey my whole life and can’t understand why people don’t know about Taylor Ham, egg n cheese. My cousin’s stayed with us from Indiana and Pennsy overnite because of a wedding in the family (Jacq’s) after drinking at the wedding and the Verona Inn we went home all 6of us…Well needless to say at 3 am everyone was hungry again…good thing I had a pound of Taylor Ham and a pound of Yellow American Cheese (just bought that day)
    My husband said anyone want a Taylor Ham n Cheese sandwich? Well they had no idea what that was…After eating 4 yes 4 Matt said to Big Bill that was great and his brother Bob ate about 2 sandwiches, Steven and Collen only had 1 each
    along with me..we didn’t have the french fries and brown gravy to go with it but it was delish…Everyone needs to try it on a round hard roll

  2. LOVE this!

    Being from Jersey, our family has come to prefer the Shop-Rite brand “tangy” pork roll. Just the smell of it is like foodie heaven! 😀

  3. Taylor hame, egg, & cheese…what a delicious comb0. I pitty those who have never tried or will never get a taste of heaven 🙂 While in NJ my husband had this sandwich and my son (Nicholas) tasted this sandwich & fell in love with his first bite…Ever since each visit we take that’s on the menu. I only allow 1 per visit but that’s better then never having it at all.

  4. It’s not just the taylor ham, you have to have a really good hard roll or it’s just not right. I moved from Jersey a long long time ago and had withdrawals for a Jersey Breakfast for years. I made side trips across the river when I had business in NYC. I made my parents bring down the deli sized 5 pounder when they came for a visit – probably can’t get it through airport security these days. Now I live in the south, and the secret is slowly getting out as more and more of us move down here. You can get Taylor Ham in a couple of supermarkets – Lowes and Publix. Finding a good fresh poppy seed hard roll is about impossible though. A good bagel is a workable substitute..

  5. I’m a picky breakfast eater? The best pork roll egg & cheese I have yet tasted and now is my ONLY preference: Drum Point Deli in Brick, NJ (Near Point Pleasant & Seaside Heights, Toms River & Lakewood).

    They make it just right, with this awesome melty cheese that is incomparable. Ask for it with a side of small or large home fries. MMM MMMM

    PS: Pork Roll is similar yes, but NOT the same thing as Taylored Ham or Spam by any means. I am picky with breakfast and meats and I personally don’t care for taylored ham or spam EVER. blech… Pork Roll is thinner, darker and round.

    1. Taylor Ham is a brand name for Pork Roll. When I lived up north we called it Taylor Ham – now it’s pork roll. I do prefer the Taylor Ham brand the best – that’s what my mom always bought. Spam is nasty – not at all like pork roll. Yuk! Thanks for reading. PS: I’ll have to try that place on Drum Point.

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