I am so aggravated and thoroughly disgusted this evening.  It’s 1:09 am and I have been tirelessly researching information for my blog while I type away about what’s hot for FALL.

Thumbs DOWN WordPress

After 4 hours my blog is almost done with breaks from time to time.  I hit save draft and at the same time I see ALERT:  You are not logged in.  Please login to save your draft.  Or something like that….

Needless to say I LOST hours of work and have no idea where to start over.  I couldn’t even retrieve it from HISTORY.  If I only saw the alert before I pressed SAVE!

What the hell happened to the auto save feature?  Was it on a break?  Perhaps in the restroom?  Maybe out sick?  @#*!!!!!XXXX^%!@*#!

What The ________!  You fill in the blank – I already did.

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8 responses to “Why WORDPRESS Sucks…

  1. Sorry and yes, I’ve had this happen!!!
    Nevertheless, look forward to any fashion pics you post – I love fashion, though don’t always indulge. And I’m waiting for this weekend to plunge into my Fall VOGUE. Right now, I just admire it as it sits on the coffee table.

    BTW, did you take the picture in your blog header of the Niki sculptures? Were they on exhibit near you? We had them here in STL at the MO Botanical Garden two summers ago and they were tucked all over the place. Well, as much as you can “tuck” one of her sculptures somewhere. It was a great venue for them, though.

    • I was sick about it last night. I finished it though. I seem to be on a fashion roll. I love clothes, shoes, purses and jewelry!
      My blog header is of a sculpture in the Stravinsky Fountain in Paris, France. I was there in 2007 for a month for my birthday. Good birthday present to myself! I thought it would make an interesting header.

  2. Catherine Schetting Salfino

    I don’t post nearly as much as you do, but I agree about WordPress. I write my whole thing in Blogger and import it to WordPress. Blogger is so much easier — for adding links, pictures, etc. That really sucks that you lost all that work!

  3. I have registered for Word Press 4 different times, each time they sent me a “welcome” Email. Each time, I then tried to log in and they said I had a wrong username or password even though they’d just SENT IT TO ME.

    I hate WordPress.

  4. I spent a few hours typing in a post on my phone on WP mobile under phone drafts. Saved it and it just disappeared. Not published, not online indrafts, not on my phone. I started using my email to write up and save my on the go posts from now on!

  5. I’m so sorry about that! I always write my posts on Word before doing a copy and paste on WordPress.com. That way if my computer breaks down for no reason (it happens), nothing is lost.

  6. Youre so right. Im there with you. Your blog is surely value a study if anyone comes across it. Im lucky I did since now Ive received a entire new view of this. I didnt realise that this concern was so necessary and so universal. You surely place it in perspective for me.

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