Mommy & Me… True Twins

Two people have never been so much alike.  My mom was / is my soul mate.  When I saw these two pictures side by side, I knew…

Mom 1930's

Me 1960's

that if there were no words, you would still hear me.

I miss you Mommy.

Do you resemble your mom or dad past, present or future?

© 2010 J. H-M and CultureChoc2010.

2 responses to “Mommy & Me… True Twins

  1. adorable! i look like my mom too 🙂
    thanks for your comment and for reading my blog!


  2. It really depends on how I wear my hair. Generally I look like the spitting image of my dad in girl form, but somehow when I wear my hair a certain way I look just like my mommy. depends on if I’m standing next to either of them too

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