Fashion Faux Pas: At Least In My Book Anyway

Nothing distresses me more than people who leave their houses without looking in the mirror.  They scream MAKEOVER and I always want to give them one.

I understand that not everyone is a fashion plate who just stepped off the pages of Vogue, but come on….  Style is personal and even when I don’t like someone else’s fashion sense, if it’s put together well, I can appreciate it.

I have been an offender of a”what was she thinking” moment when I’m so sick I can barely stand, had to run out of the house in 5 seconds flat for some emergency or when I am enjoying summer-mode sans maquillage et soutien gorge while on a 4 day rotating shower schedule.

That’s about it.

I don’t know why I care what other people look like but the following Fashion Faux send me into a head-shaking tizzy:

  1. Leggings, Jeggings or Stretchy Pants: NO WOMAN over the age of 25 should be wearing leggings.  It’s a sure way to be a camel toe offender.  I don’t care if you have the skinniest body or the perfect body, once a woman finishes college she should leave behind or better yet, burn her stretchies.
  2. The Prairie Skirt: Enough said – just stay away.
  3. Ill-Fitting Shorts: Too tight, too loose, pulling crotch, repeating wedgies, wrong length, etc.  I just stay away completely and opt for a skirt.
  4. Dressing Too Old: What is it with these young girls dressing like old farts?  Why are even the maturer women dressing like grannies?  There are ways to dress appropriately and not look like you’re wearing your nonna’s moppine.
  5. Dressing Too Young: When you’re 60 please refrain from ass cheek peek-a-boo, inch thick makeup that looks like 2 inch thick makeup and any clothes bought at Express or in the Junior department at Macy’s.
  6. Low Rise Jeans on a High Rise Woman: Muffin Top is not an attractive look.  Yes, we’re all guilty of it after a small weight gain or a night of partying but please buy pants that fit.
  7. Granny Panties & Saggy Bras: Every woman has shape wear in her wardrobe but Grandma’s underwear are just a no-no.  Bras that don’t hold up your boobs make you look older and shapeless.  Go get measured properly.  I guarantee you’re probably wearing the wrong size.

I’m sure that there are a ton more but I’ll address them in part two.  Happy Shopping and better dressing!

4 responses to “Fashion Faux Pas: At Least In My Book Anyway

  1. Haha me and you speak the same language 🙂 and you elaborated way better than I did! Loving the look of your blog, will be reading more later.

  2. I happen to be a fan of camel toe 😉

    And depending on the body of the woman wearing them, too tight or too short shorts can be rather appealing.

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