Stracciatella: A Quick Alternative To Canned

I hate canned soup!  The sheer metallic flavor assaults my refined taste buds.  I’m a fan of homemade everything!  No jars or cans for me.

This is a great recipe for Italian egg drop soup – or Stracciatella.  It’s quick, easy and delicious!


1 qt chicken broth
4 eggs
1 ½ tbsp semolina or flour
2 tbsp grated romano cheese
1/8 tsp salt
1/8 tsp pepper
½ c cooked chopped fresh spinach or 2 cup fresh raw
chopped parsley

Boil the chicken broth.  Beat eggs in a small bowl until thick.  Add spinach to broth.  Mix semolina, cheese, salt and pepper into eggs.  Slowly pour egg mixture into boiling broth, stirring constantly.  Continue stirring and simmer 5 mins.  Top with chopped parsley.
Serves 4.

So unless you’re really sick and can’t stand for 5 minutes, try this homemade soup and you will not be disappointed.

© 2010 J. H-M and CultureChoc2010.


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