Stylin’ In The 1960’s & 1970’s

My passion for fashion (excuse the cliché) started at a young age.  I hated wearing pants – the DRESS was where it was at for me.

Inhibited by my mom, who dressed me the way she wanted, in clothes she wanted, from Sears like she wanted – but I was not totally without input.


The Late 1960's


Cute outfit for a baby but what was she thinking with that bow?  It’s the helicopter bow.  I’m ready to take off!


A Little While Later - Still the 60's


Ok Ma.  What was it with these jumpers?????  Ooooo – I’m wearing pants!

The fashions of the 1970’s were cool, fun and yes, a little scary.




Yes, I had the pinafore dress or jumper (no clue) with the crisp, white shirt – but check out those white, patent leather, knee-high, lace up boots!  I was stylin’.


A Couple of Years Later


Great print!  Palazzos or bell bottoms?  I can’t tell – but I can tell you that this is when I started to explore the bare midrift!  BUT what the hell am I wearing on my feet?  They look like boats and now I’m only a size 8!

Anyhoo… I won’t bother rehashing the 80’s – I’ll save that for another post.  Plus I don’t think I’ll have enough room for my hair!

© 2010 J. H-M and CultureChoc2010.

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