Alright! So I’m Keeping The Darn Cat!

Recently I posted my new kitten saga.  My husband brought a stray kitten home and expected me to take it to the shelter.  After me bawling like a baby, he decided that we’ll just find her a good home.

After the +$303 vet bill, I’m keeping the cat!

I’m in a battle over this.  It’s his fault for bringing that cuddly, affectionate, pretty and adorable kitty into my home.  Can you say sucker?

Last night he was sitting on the couch and the new kitty (I haven’t named her yet) was snoozing on his belly.  I think I might have won this one!

So for all of you that KNEW that I would break down and keep her… Bravo!  You were right!

© 2010 J. H-M and CultureChoc2010.


4 responses to “Alright! So I’m Keeping The Darn Cat!

  1. Awwwwww! Look at that kitty! How could there have EVER been any question??????


  2. name her amaretto!!!!

  3. Thanks for your kind comment on my blog. Your Thanksgiving turkey story (below) reminded me of the first time I tried to wash and cook a turkey… I tried calling my MIL for help, but she wasn’t home. I ended up waiting for my husband to walk in the door and rescue me! And I’ve been a sucker for kitties before, but only one at a time.

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