Pour La Victoire

This month has been a stress fest!  The holidays are quickly approaching.  I’m having “cat” issues and need retail therapy.

The problem is that I already shop too much!

Last week amidst my unyielding pressure-filled existence, I decided to drop by MJM Designer Shoes.  I love that store!  It’s the next best thing to sample sale shopping.

In any shoe department it is very difficult for me to find a pair of shoes that
A.  I don’t already have.
B.  is not similar to something I already own.

I was lucky and rationalized that the price was worth it because they are made so well, comfortable and black to boot.  Black shoes are a staple.


Pour La Victoire Lace Stilettos

Pour La Victoire Patent Stilettos


Pour La Victoire has allowed me to feel happy, powerful, tall and oh so satisfied.

Try out a pair and tell me what you think…  I think it’s a Victoire for everyone!

© 2010 J. H-M and CultureChoc2010.

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