The Post-Thanksgiving Fallout

With a whopping 5 people for dinner, I decided to buy a 28 pound fresh Butterball turkey because I was sure:

  1. I wanted leftovers.
  2. My guests would take home doggie bags.

What was I thinking?  My father was the only take-away-er.

Thanksgiving is just another holiday excuse to cook way too much food and to use my guests as guinea pigs for new and delicious creations – which usually works out nicely for me – and my company.

My story began on the Monday before when I called out sick because I wasn’t feeling well.  This put me 1 day behind my intended schedule.  On Tuesday I hit Shop Rite in search of a turkey and all the trimmings so I could cook a fantastic meal for my beloved peeps.

Two-hundred dollars later with a thrown out back (that damn turkey), I realized that I had to go to two more stores – Whole Foods and Costco.  First I have to tell you about that damn turkey.

Twenty-eight pounds is crazy.  I lifted it out of the bin, into the cart, out of the cart and onto the belt, into the cart, out of the cart and into the trunk, out of the trunk and into the house, onto the kitchen counter, into the garage, into the fridge, out of the fridge, back into the kitchen, into the sink, into the bag and salt-brine, onto a pan, into the fridge in the garage.  Out of the fridge and into the kitchen sink, out of the bag and into a new bag, out of the sink and into a roasting pan, into the oven and out of the oven – then into the garage fridge later that night because my husband fell asleep!

Let’s count the number of times I lifted 28 plus pounds!  No wonder my back went out.  Enough about the turkey….

I stopped at Whole Foods spent another $200 including vino and I can’t even remember what the hell I got at Costco….

Thanksgiving came and went and as tired – rather overtired – as I was, I stayed up until 3:30 pm with my daddy chatting about God knows what but enjoying every minute of it.  I desperately needed the jacuzzi but opted for some Berentzen Appel instead.  My dad hoovered a good amount of blackberry brandy – that’s probably why he was so chatty!

Does anyone remember blackberry brandy when you were a kid?  My aunt Mimi gave me a shot of that cure-all liqueur whenever I was feeling under the weather – at any age and any time.  It makes me laugh.

Anyway…. it’s day 5 of leftovers – I had to be drugged by the poultry companies to buy a 28 pound, $65 turkey!   Next year I need to be reminded of my error because I’m running out of ways to make my leftover VAT of turkey into other dishes.

So far we’ve had plain leftovers, sandwiches, turkey salad, turkey soup, turkey pot pie, turkey with pasta, turkey casserole and turkey meatballs.  I think I’m done with the bird so tonight I splurged on a sinful Five Guys bacon cheeseburger with BBQ, pickles, grilled onions and the hottest jalapenos I’ve ever eaten.

What did you do with your leftovers and how long did they last?  I need to know if I’m the only lunatic out there!

© 2010 J. H-M and CultureChoc2010.

One response to “The Post-Thanksgiving Fallout

  1. I’ve always loved the turkey left-overs. I get to eat the whole meal again for days! And I usually boil the carcas down for soup or whatever it is I do with it. This year I made a smaller turkey and there were NO LEFT-OVERS!! I was shopping this morning and looking for a small breast-only turkey but couldn’t find one….and I WON’T eat any other brand but Butterball. I’m still craving it, but all the sides are gone now too. Oh well. I gave the carcas to Tom and he made a tasty soup with it.

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