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Stuck in The Snow: A New Jersey Snowmare

Right after Christmas, New Jersey was pummeled with a winter snow storm that dropped 32 inches on our Jersey Shore town, crippling the entire state with record amounts of snowfall and high winds that created 6 foot drifts in some areas.

At 3 am on Sunday night the snow was still coming down and the wind was gusting at top speed.  My snowblower was buried in the yard.  My cars were buried in a snowy grave and my poor lighted reindeer were covered by the White After-Christmas festivities.

We were plowed out pretty quickly (by Monday night), no thanks to the Township, but there were still some people on Wednesday whose streets weren’t touched and who were stranded at home as they waited as slaves to their municipality.

That meant no work, no food and if you were is real bad shape – no toilet paper!

My dad was stuck at our house for at least another day but was dying to go home on Tuesday.  At 2 pm, with a shovel thrown in the back of my BMW, we made our way up the block to the main drag.  At the end of the poorly plowed, slippery street the snow walls were so high that you had to creep out a little bit to see and pray you didn’t get hit by a car carelessly barreling around the curve.

As luck would have it my low-to-the-ground BMW with its performance tires got stuck right at the end of the block.  I rocked back and forth for a good 15 minutes before I freed myself for the rut I was it while 2 male “neighbors” watched like the jerk offs that they are.  My 83-year-old father insisted on getting out to push me loose but I told him to stay in the friggin’ car and if anyone had to push it would be me.

Happily, we made it out and continued sliding all the way to the GSP.

The roads were terrible especially through Monmouth County.  I was driving along and all of a sudden a lane would end.  End.  No kidding.  It would end and I had two choices:

  • crash into the snow bank and destroy my car and/or its passengers.
  • quickly jump to next lane without crashing into another car.

What a nightmare!  Three lanes went to two lanes.  Then the two right lanes.  Then all of a sudden travel was in the 2 left lanes.  One lane.  Two lanes.  Three lanes.  One lane.  One and half – and on and on and on.

This was all south of the bridge which only proves my theory that towns and the state for that matter  below the bridge are clueless about snow removal.  What a half-assed job that cause countless accidents, debilitating traffic and general malaise.

When we arrived my father and I were arguing about who would shovel a path to his door.  Stubborn Daddy won but then let me take over half way through.  My father’s town was shoddily plowed as well but I made it in and out with no major problems.

So headed southbound and as soon as I got on the Parkway, I was in bumper-to-bumper traffic.  I was stuck for at least 45 minutes in a 3 mile span because of an overturned car that I never saw.  It was stop and go all the way but the fun stuff came south of the bridge.  Not only did going north suck, southbound sucked too.

Again with the disappearing lanes!  What the Hell?  Five hours later at almost 5 pm I arrived home.  A trip that should have taken less than 2 hours!

Just another reason to hate New Jersey.  Highest property taxes.  Ridiculous cost of living.  Bully governor.  I cannot go on for fear I might offend someone.  That about sums it up.

Some people have to go to work because they don’t get paid if they don’t.  Isn’t the economy bad enough?  Listen, I know it was a lot of snow but why was the State is such disarray this time around?  Can anyone answer that?  I can’t.  I can only deal with the aftermath of this most-memorable blizzard.

I hope you’re all dug out and safe at home with your families.  Be well and…

Happy New Year!

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A Heap of Handbags…

Those of you who know me or read my blog regularly, know that I love to shop.  I have shoe addiction – a clothing addiction and a purse problem.

I haven’t finished Shoe Shock quite yet and in true ADD fashion I’m moving on to my handbag habit.  I never realized how many bags I actually have.  It’s pretty sickening.  They reside all over the house including the attic – which I haven’t even attempted yet.

So here is the damage so far:

Accessory Array
Black & Gold
Black & White
Feeling Blue
Fun Bags
Soft & Furry
Green & Yellow
Neutral like Switzerland
A Pile of Purses

There are more but that’s all for today – I’m exhausted.

Oh – just a note…  I found so many things just thrown in my handbags:  Valium, jewelry, cash, nasal spray – you name it, it was in there.

I think I’m ready to start my own Bag, Borrow or Steal.  Anyone up for it?

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Do The Excuses Ever Stop? Enabling, Mommy Texting and Other Evils – A Re-examination From A Teacher’s Point of View

I wrote this post back in June but every year it seems to get worse.  The pussy generation is getting bigger and bigger and I am going crazier and crazier.

Psycho parents… qu’est-ce que c’est?

The school year is winding down and most World Language classes are preparing for final exams. Both the students taking exams and the teachers giving them are stressed, to say the least.  The school year is finally getting into full swing and the stress levels are mounting.  I have such issues with what’s happening with many in this generation of children.

EVIL NUMBER ONE: Enabling.  The last thing we need is more stress.  It’s the end of the year for Christ’s sake!  Four full days.  Four full days of exams.  Four half days for students and 1 day of graduation.  So why are parents still making excuses?  Why are guidance and the CST still ENABLING?

Because it’s all about the CHILDREN?  Give me a break.  If it were all about the children, there would be consequences.  Consequences for bad behavior, laziness and truancy are just a few.  If it were about the children there would be more administrative discipline, more in and out of school suspensions and more children being retained.

Why do the powers that be insist on pushing kids through when they do absolutely NOTHING, they can’t read or write and they are horrible disruptions to the entire class?  Let them fail.  Maybe it would be a good wake-up call for these students and their parents.  Maybe if their kid is 16 and still 7th grade, they would be so ashamed that they would finally stand up and be good parents.

Parents need to stop being their children’s friends and start acting like moms and dads.  Start acting like parents.  Kids need discipline.  Kids need consequences and boundaries.  Caregivers at home and school should be able to recognize the manipulators – and there are many.  I get sick to my stomach every time I think about it.

I know teenagers.  They will manipulate, lie and try to get away with as much as possible if you let them.  That’s normal.  Allowing them to have a free-for-all is NOT!  We were all teenagers once.  We were the same but we had the fear of God and our parents.

I was afraid of my parents.  Afraid of disappointing them and afraid of getting trouble.  So many children nowadays have NO FEAR.  Seriously, no fear.  I’ve been in IEP meeting when a young girl stood up and called her mother a Bitch.  Mommy would have back-handed me – but I don’t think I would have had the nerve to say something like that to begin with.

EVIL NUMBER TWO:  Mommy Texting.  Did you ever e-mail a parent or give them a call to update them on their child’s progress or lack thereof and 10 minutes later, their child comes bursting into your room, in the middle of your class, protesting with a foul attitude?  This is a result of Mommy Texting.  A text sent to a student by his or her mommy telling them what Ms. So And So said about them.  Where do they get their nerve?  No cell phones in school means NOTHING.

EVIL NUMBER THREE:  Rewards for social retardation.  Ice cream for the mal élévé.  How can rewards, such as pretzels, candy and ice cream be a punishment for bad social behavior.  Slamming your backpack on a desk, fighting with classmates, overtly hating and alienating everyone around you and doing ZERO, nothing, nada, niente and rien are surely great reasons to be penalized by ice cream and sugar.  All the other kids talk about it.  It’s embarrassing.  I’m embarrassed for them.

EVIL NUMBER THREE:  The Running Excuse Via Parental Manipulation. “Ms. Jones, please e-mail me as soon as Fred starts having problems.”  Why do I bother?  With 13 days left of school I’m still hearing the same old song.  He said he did the work.  He said he’s not talking.  He said he’s paying attention but just doesn’t get it.  Well… get your ass in here for extra help and stop whining!  We did it in class TOGETHER.  It was a class assignment and if you did nothing (which is probably the case), you had to take it home for homework.  I can’t wipe your asses for you dears.  Someday YOU will be accountable.  I cannot wait for the day!

So when will this generation (and I’m not talking about all of you – you know who you are) of parents rise to the occasion and step up to mold their children into hard-working, productive, non-whining members of society?  When?

I don’t know if that day will ever come but I wish they would stop masking their poor parenting skills and own up to it.  In my opinion we’re raising a weak generation of complainers.

Ladies and Gentlemen, step right up to see the pussification of America at its best!

Image: Francesco Marino /

Image: Suat Eman /

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Are You There God? It’s Me Jackie.

Ever since I lost my mother my relationship with God has taken a beating.  Frankly, I’m pissed.

I watched her suffer for so many years with cancer.  It weakened her body and her spirit and my faith in God.

I’m sad because she grew up without a dad to watch over her.  He bled to death when she was 18 months old.  I’m annoyed that she was not always treated right by her relatives when she was but a child.  I remember a story she told me:  She asked her grandmother if she could please have a  banana because she was hungry.  Her grandmother said to her in Italian, “You can’t have that banana because you’re not a son of a Grasso.”  What the hell is that all about?   I can’t even imagine my grandparents ever saying that to me.

I’m angry because her childhood was cut short when the social welfare people pulled her out of school at 15 years old so that she could go to work to support her grandmother, her mother and herself.  She never had an education and was forced to be THE adult.

At 15 years old, shouldn’t our parents be taking care us?  My mom and dad did.  I know I didn’t grow up wanting for anything and had a completely different life than my parents; but aren’t kids supposed to be kids?  Shouldn’t they be allowed to have fun and play and not work to support a family?  At 15 years old my biggest concerns were what shade of blue eyeshadow I should spread across my eyelids, how would I get that certain guy to like me and how could I outsmart my parents so I can continue with my philosophy of life and not theirs.

When I pray now (yes I still pray) I find myself praying to my mom for strength, guidance and protection.  I rarely address JC if ever, anymore.  My mom has become my God.

I went to my Aunt Gladys’ wake last night.  Uncle Mikey, her husband,  just died in November and my dad lost his best friend.  When I was listening to both the nun and the son talk about her going back home to Jesus, though emotional, I felt myself internally rolling my eyes and getting more and more cynical.

When mommy died I was worried about her.  I didn’t know where she was or if she was out of pain.  I worried about her well-being whether she was on this earth or not.  I stressed that she was okay or not okay – or I didn’t know what.  I was confused and doubtful.  Maybe that had something to do with my husband (born and raised Catholic) who believes that when you go in the ground, it’s the only place that you’ll ever be.  He does not believe in Heaven or Hell or much of anything.  It deeply saddens me.

My relationship with God may be damaged but my “faith” is still strong.  When strange things started happening I felt a sense of relief that she was peaceful, out of pain and in Heaven with everyone else.  Maybe she’s even with her father that she didn’t know.  Maybe she’s playing cards with my Aunt Mimi and Aunt Tootsie or sitting on a porch swing just BS ing.  Or maybe her soul has been recycled and has been put on this earth again to live yet another life.

I may never know until I die too.

Yesterday on my way up the Garden State Parkway I was listening to my IPOD in my car.  It shuffles the almost infinite number of songs it possesses.  I stopped at the cemetery to visit Mom.  We had a long talk.  I told her that I was going to Aunt Gladys’ wake.  I told her that Johnny Maestro died at 70 from cancer.  (We were Brooklyn Bridge groupies.  We followed them everywhere.)  I talked about a host of other goings on, said bye and left.

My mood being a tad somber, the song that was playing was a definite 90’s dance music mix and too loud for me at that moment.  I hit the “next song button” and all of a sudden I heard Johnny Maestro singing My Prayer.  My mom’s favorite.  She requested that song every time we saw them and they played it for her.

I immediately started crying.  I knew she was listening.  I knew she was trying to tell me something.  I sobbed all the way to my dad’s and as I pulled into his street and into the driveway, the song was over.

When Phyllis died a part of me died with her.


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Advice From My Mother

I have to say that my mom was 99.9% right about everything.  As much as I hate to admit it, I have to tell the truth.  She was a tough one my mother and had a heart of gold.

Our parents are always trying to save us from ourselves.  They do it because they love us and really do (most of the time) know better.  I didn’t realize that until I was 25 years old (I’m 43 now).  I guess we eventually become our parents and with age realize that it’s not so bad.

I’ve been thinking about all the advice she gave me.  I think about all the crazy and funny things she used to say and I had to put it down on paper – or computer.  I’m sure your parents said similar or even the same things.  I find myself recycling her wisdom as well.

She would say, “Jacq, listen to me.  I’m your mother.”

  • Always wear a girdle.
  • Don’t shit where you eat.
  • Blood is thicker than water.
  • Your kids will stick it up your ass so make sure your marriage comes first.
  • Why would a man want to buy the cow when he gets the milk for free.
  • If you want something done right you have to do it yourself.
  • Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear.
  • Be self-sufficient and get a good education.  Never depend on a man to support you.
  • What do you need to have kids for?
  • I’m your mother FIRST and then your friend.
  • Trust no one.
  • Men are stupid.
  • I’m right.  I’m always right.

There are so many more but then I’d be here longer than my ongoing Shoe Shockblog.

Moms are wise, smart, caring, crazy, fun – a little bit of everything.  My mom was.  I know she’s in Heaven keeping busy and probably running the show.

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A Raving Lunatic’s Friday Rants


Image by colemama via Flickr

Where do I start?  Thursday was the worst day!

For some reason all my classes had selective hearing.  I gave them instructions and 5 seconds later someone asked, “What are we doing?”  Two more seconds later, “Do we have to write the full sentence?”  Over and over again.  I must have explained 4 times and I still got:

  • What page are we on?
  • What are we doing?
  • Is this in the workbook or textbook?
  • What exercises?
  • I’m sorry.  I was in the bathroom.  What are we doing?

And over and over and over again.  Sorry – I already said that but I was ready to take the gas pipe!

If that wasn’t bad enough my day further reared its ugly head at my current state of finances – but that’s entirely a different story.

So I get home and I have to deal with all the money sh**.  Then… a giant cat fight!  Hiss!  Meow!  Growl!  Spit!

I can’t take it anymore!

To top it off my boy cat attacked me, sprayed all under the bed, sprayed the girl cat, fur everywhere!  WTF!

I’m officially losing it.

Bitch.  Moan.  Bitch .  Moan.  It’s my turn now.  I need a break from my life.  Work.  Cats.  Husband.  Worries.  Everything!

How do people have kids?  And more than one kid?  No freakin’ way.  I’m completely overwhelmed with cats – pussies – felines –meows – whatever you want to call them – I’m exhausted.

So I lowered the heat to 60, opened all my windows in 20 degree weather and the smell still lingers.  Shortly after, Bailey comes trolling around upstairs and I have to lock Thursie in the bedroom with the stinky litter box – that by the way, Bailey already pooped in it to show his dominance – with door closed and I’m afraid to venture up because I know it with be an assault on my nose.

Where the Hell am I going to sleep?

So now I’m downstairs watching A Charlie Brown Christmas – which is not helping – drinking a glass of Sauvignon Blanc.  I just ate dinner – it’s 8:30 pm and I’m looking around at my complete disarray – mentally and physically.

I think I’ll covet someone else’s life tonight – sorry God.

I can only pray for a better tomorrow.

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The Eighties Dude: Villain or Just Misunderstood

Cover of "Valley Girl"

Cover of Valley Girl

After watching Valley Girl twice in the past week (oh – btw I have it on DVD too) I started thinking about the 80’s movie guy who we loved to hate.  Remember him?  The hot guy who thinks he’s all that and treats everyone around him like garbage.  You just want to jump through the scream and knock them out!

I’ve known a few of them in my lifetime and I’m sure you have too.

Let’s examine THAT 80’s GUY:

  • Valley Girl: Tommy.  Julie’s conceited, no-good boyfriend who stomps on everyone like a spoiled child when Julie breaks up with him and wants to move on to greener pastures.  He also sleeps with her “loose” friend and makes her feel even worse.  VILLAIN.
  • Some Kind of Wonderful: Hardy Jenns.  Hardy is a stuck-up, rich, poor example of a man.  He takes the girl from the other side of the tracks, makes her “famous”, then makes her feel like sh** under his shoe by turning everyone against her.  Nice guy that Hardy.  VILLAIN.
  • Pretty In Pink: Steff.  Steff is another rich boy who comes between his friend and an outcast from the poor side of town.  He treats people like dirt but the truth comes out in the end.  VILLAIN.
  • Weird Science: Where do I start?  Chet – Wyatt’s brother.  Gross, disgusting and just a greedy human being.  Ian & Max.  The good-looking, cool boys who have the girls, leave the girls and lose the girls.  Part Villain, part MISUNDERSTOOD.
  • Back To School: Chas.  Can you say A-hole?  The swim team star who gets off by being deceptive and condescending to poor Jason.  VILLAIN.
  • The Breakfast Club: John Bender.  Bad boy turned around – but not before causing some emotional drama.  MISUNDERSTOOD.
  • Just One of the Guys: Greg Tolan.  I hated this guy.  A muscle-head sadist who picked on the weak.  VILLAIN.
  • Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: Here’s a twist.  A villainess.  Natalie Sands.  Rich bitch Natalie gets served up a big dose of her own medicine.  I love her coming-out party.  VILLAINESS.

Did I forget any?  I’m sure I did.  Who is your favorite 80’s movie villain or villainess?

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MY Original Snow Village

Growing up my mom always decorated our house in full Christmas regalia.  She showcased her ceramic brilliance and creative knack at putting together a Christmas display to rival anyone’s.

So after I got married my husband wanted to start a collection of Department 56 Christmas collectibles.  We decided on The Original Snow Village because it was full of fun and style.  Our first piece was Kris Kringle’s Toy Shop coupled with a Hot Cocoa take-away and our collection grew from there.

Now it has grown into a massive undertaking (to put up and to take down) taking  days to assemble in just the right way.  In 5 minutes my cats destroy it!

Bailey walks right through knocking down lamp posts and people impeding his path.  Peaches enjoys plopping down in the middle of a square and loves to watch the animated dancers in the Starlite Ballroom.  This year we have a kitten – that can only lead to disaster – I’ll keep you posted.

Ah... Starbucks!

A Little Residential

It's A Wonderful Life

Kris Kringle's

The Train Station, Fire Station....

2 Levels

The Winery & Lodge


Le Musée


The Park


The Tree


The Bungalow


At The Movies


From Above


Side View








Any bets on how long it stays intact?

Merry Christmas!

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Blinging Up The Christmas Tree

Decorating for Christmas is always stressful yet fun.  It only happens once a year so I don’t mind doing all that work.

My mother used to do it too.  Her trees always had a theme.  Whether it was Angels, Red & Green Bows, Pink Candy Canes, Fruit, etc.  You name it, she did it.  Not only was each tree themed but every year her tree was impeccably decorated in the most symmetrical fashion – I swear she used a ruler!

I am not that… anal… well maybe I am.  Who knows.  My husband used to put up the tree and I was in charge of my Snow Village.  As the years have passed, I am in charge of it all and somehow always end up getting sick when I should be decorating.

This year is no exception.  I’m sick.  I should be blinging out my house in full Christmas regalia – but it will surely take time since I have to sit down every 10 minutes with a spinning head.

I always put my favorite ornaments in the front of the tree.  They all mean something to me but I have a lot of favorites.

I like donning my tree with an array of memories that make me happy when I look at them.  How do you decorate your tree?  I’d love to hear about it.

Reminds me where I live... The Jersey Shore

My Mom & I made this and many others in ceramics

Reminds me of our first home

Precious Moments - given to me by my friend Alicia

Reminds me of high school

Scuba Santa: Reminds me of the days scuba diving with Kristy

Given to me by my student, Brandy, when I first started teaching

Given to me by my husband... I cried

A Granny's Attic find!

My Mother's Angels that she made for her tree

Hello Kitty - I love my cat ornaments!

We bought this in Paris - need I say more...

My first 2 "kiddie cats", John and Me

Given to me by a student - It says: "Bailey" on the front and "J'aime mon chat" on the back

Yet another cat from the kids! This is Peaches I think.



  • (

Things That Make You Go F***! – A Reblog

If you’re going to be stuck in the house in a blizzard, make sure you’re snowed in with someone you actually like.  This will not even ensure a good weekend as many things can go wrong and Saturday morning takes a nasty turn.

I was so excited to be bunkered down in the snow with my husband.  I went shopping on Thursday to pick up some food.  I didn’t have anything in the house except crushed tomatoes and tofu shiratake.  So I went to Pathmark and spent $114 on essentials including some meat.  I had a wicked headache since Wednesday and I ran out of Advil so I asked John to pick up a few things at the store on Friday.  I asked him to buy wine, Advil and eggs.

On the way home on Friday I called him and asked him if we needed anything else and that I would stop and pick it up before I came home.  He told me that he forgot to buy Advil, so I stopped at CVS to pick it up.  Later on that evening I was cooking and ran out of paper towel and asked him to get me a roll in the garage.  To my surprise he informed me that we didn’t have any left.

WTF?  I asked you Thursday before I went to Pathmark.  You shopped Friday.  And I called you Friday before I came home to pick up any last-minute items.  Again WTF!  I bitched and moaned so Dr. Jekyll ran out to get me some later that evening.

The next morning John got up to make coffee and I trailed about 20 minutes behind.  The coffee smelled great and I couldn’t wait to make eggs with cilantro, swiss and soy crumbles.  I opened the fridge and asked, “Where are the eggs?”  He went to the garage and brought them in.  We had a dozen left.  A dozen.  Did I not ask you to pick up eggs and you didn’t?  So of course I started to rant and rave and as usual he immediately got mad at me and proceeded to make my day miserable because I got annoyed.

A day turned into a weekend, now we’re facing storm number two and Mr. Hyde has reappeared.  Thank God it’s Tuesday and not Friday or I’d have to drive down to the beach and rent a room, with WiFi of course, so I can be stress free for a couple of days.

I don’t know about you but I hate walking on eggshells in my own house.  When I talk, I talk too much and when I’m quiet, there must be something wrong with me.  I can’t win no matter what I do.  I cook, I clean (not according to him), I pay all the bills, I run the house, I shop for food, I feed the cats and wipe their asses and I work full-time, do home instruction and tutor on the side.  I used to coach cheerleading but I gave it up a couple of years ago to spend more time at home – now I’m questioning my decision.

In all fairness, I’ve never been the type to be up someone’s ass 24/7.  I need my space and my privacy.  I love my alone time and haven’t been getting enough of it lately.  When a woman does all this and takes care of herself, the psycho treatment is totally unnecessary and frankly daunting.

Enter blizzard number two.  Still stuck in the house with cranky, I start to drink early.  I’m feeling no pain, then my kitchen drawer collapses and all the forks, knives, spoons and other paraphernalia crashes into the bottom cabinet.  Sh**!  F***!  John spends the better part of the morning and afternoon trying to fix it.  We have a little lunch of oysters and crab cakes, a few games of Mario kart and then he heads out to clear the snow.

So John is out there snow-blowing and I ask what I can do.   He says “Put the stuff back in the drawer, but just essentials.”  So that’s what I do.  Ten minutes later I open the drawer and the GD thing collapses again!  Muther!  I poke my head outside to tell John who is furiously shoveling – he gets annoyed.  I scream, “Why aren’t you using the snow-blower?”  He yells, “It’s broken.”  Great.  Now he has to shovel the mess.

He was getting soaking wet outside and I was inside baking a ham.  As I basted my spice-rubbed pork with Sprite and other pan juices, my friggin’ baster falls apart and lands inside the oven and I have to fish it out.  What a day off!

As snow days go, it was typical and getting boring, but leave it to the brain surgeons on my block to provide entertainment.  I look outside and there’s a big truck stuck in front of my house, spinning out and grazing my mailbox.  As I look in the cul-de-sac I see a small white car completely immobilized by the deep snow in the street.  Who the hell would attempt to drive a low-to-the-ground car or any car for that matter, into a foot of snow?

My young car accident prone neighbor.  Beautiful but dumb.  The truck finally manages to free himself from the grips of the frozen mess and drives up the block.  Two minutes later he’s running down the street with a shovel.  What the hell was he going to do?  Shovel all the way down the street?

Yes indeed.  He shoveled and shoveled to create a path for her to drive into.  One by one, people started showing up to help.  John and I were looking out the window laughing.  Cruel but very entertaining.  The kid next store came to our door to dis them as well.  While we reveled in their stupidity the girl’s father took over driving, armed with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth and proceeded to burn rubber every foot he travelled.

We decided to have dinner and when we went back to the front window, the car was now stuck in front of our house and the dad was veering head-first into a snow bank.  I swear someone was going to be killed tonight.  He was flipping the car into reverse without telling the two boys who were pushing him from behind and almost ran them over.  Finally he broke loose spraying snow all over the good Samaritans and fish-tailed up to his house.

The spectacle was over and now for entertainment we have each other.  Thank God Direct TV and Wii are up and running!

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