Projects Around The House

If only we had an unlimited amount of money to do what we wanted to our homes, we would all be in House Beautiful.

I’ve been living in my house for 10 years and it’s still not the way I want it.  I always seem to run out of money.  I love my den and my half bath.  That’s it.  The living room is nice but I hate the green I painted the walls – the purple is okay.

I guess I’m just never happy and probably will never be even when I have everything DONE – because then it will be time for another change.

My first ever painting project was my half bath on the first floor.  It’s funky and it’s me.  Enough said.

With the tape still intact

I love purple and green!

Almost finished!

A ridiculously expensive toilet

Have you ever used bold colors in your home?

© 2010 J. H-M and CultureChoc2010.


2 responses to “Projects Around The House

  1. No. I have pale gold yellow.
    Interesting toilet, never seen one like tht before.
    Purple and green is pretty.

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