Blinging Up The Christmas Tree

Decorating for Christmas is always stressful yet fun.  It only happens once a year so I don’t mind doing all that work.

My mother used to do it too.  Her trees always had a theme.  Whether it was Angels, Red & Green Bows, Pink Candy Canes, Fruit, etc.  You name it, she did it.  Not only was each tree themed but every year her tree was impeccably decorated in the most symmetrical fashion – I swear she used a ruler!

I am not that… anal… well maybe I am.  Who knows.  My husband used to put up the tree and I was in charge of my Snow Village.  As the years have passed, I am in charge of it all and somehow always end up getting sick when I should be decorating.

This year is no exception.  I’m sick.  I should be blinging out my house in full Christmas regalia – but it will surely take time since I have to sit down every 10 minutes with a spinning head.

I always put my favorite ornaments in the front of the tree.  They all mean something to me but I have a lot of favorites.

I like donning my tree with an array of memories that make me happy when I look at them.  How do you decorate your tree?  I’d love to hear about it.

Reminds me where I live... The Jersey Shore

My Mom & I made this and many others in ceramics

Reminds me of our first home

Precious Moments - given to me by my friend Alicia

Reminds me of high school

Scuba Santa: Reminds me of the days scuba diving with Kristy

Given to me by my student, Brandy, when I first started teaching

Given to me by my husband... I cried

A Granny's Attic find!

My Mother's Angels that she made for her tree

Hello Kitty - I love my cat ornaments!

We bought this in Paris - need I say more...

My first 2 "kiddie cats", John and Me

Given to me by a student - It says: "Bailey" on the front and "J'aime mon chat" on the back

Yet another cat from the kids! This is Peaches I think.



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