Do The Excuses Ever Stop? Enabling, Mommy Texting and Other Evils – A Re-examination From A Teacher’s Point of View

I wrote this post back in June but every year it seems to get worse.  The pussy generation is getting bigger and bigger and I am going crazier and crazier.

Psycho parents… qu’est-ce que c’est?

The school year is winding down and most World Language classes are preparing for final exams. Both the students taking exams and the teachers giving them are stressed, to say the least.  The school year is finally getting into full swing and the stress levels are mounting.  I have such issues with what’s happening with many in this generation of children.

EVIL NUMBER ONE: Enabling.  The last thing we need is more stress.  It’s the end of the year for Christ’s sake!  Four full days.  Four full days of exams.  Four half days for students and 1 day of graduation.  So why are parents still making excuses?  Why are guidance and the CST still ENABLING?

Because it’s all about the CHILDREN?  Give me a break.  If it were all about the children, there would be consequences.  Consequences for bad behavior, laziness and truancy are just a few.  If it were about the children there would be more administrative discipline, more in and out of school suspensions and more children being retained.

Why do the powers that be insist on pushing kids through when they do absolutely NOTHING, they can’t read or write and they are horrible disruptions to the entire class?  Let them fail.  Maybe it would be a good wake-up call for these students and their parents.  Maybe if their kid is 16 and still 7th grade, they would be so ashamed that they would finally stand up and be good parents.

Parents need to stop being their children’s friends and start acting like moms and dads.  Start acting like parents.  Kids need discipline.  Kids need consequences and boundaries.  Caregivers at home and school should be able to recognize the manipulators – and there are many.  I get sick to my stomach every time I think about it.

I know teenagers.  They will manipulate, lie and try to get away with as much as possible if you let them.  That’s normal.  Allowing them to have a free-for-all is NOT!  We were all teenagers once.  We were the same but we had the fear of God and our parents.

I was afraid of my parents.  Afraid of disappointing them and afraid of getting trouble.  So many children nowadays have NO FEAR.  Seriously, no fear.  I’ve been in IEP meeting when a young girl stood up and called her mother a Bitch.  Mommy would have back-handed me – but I don’t think I would have had the nerve to say something like that to begin with.

EVIL NUMBER TWO:  Mommy Texting.  Did you ever e-mail a parent or give them a call to update them on their child’s progress or lack thereof and 10 minutes later, their child comes bursting into your room, in the middle of your class, protesting with a foul attitude?  This is a result of Mommy Texting.  A text sent to a student by his or her mommy telling them what Ms. So And So said about them.  Where do they get their nerve?  No cell phones in school means NOTHING.

EVIL NUMBER THREE:  Rewards for social retardation.  Ice cream for the mal élévé.  How can rewards, such as pretzels, candy and ice cream be a punishment for bad social behavior.  Slamming your backpack on a desk, fighting with classmates, overtly hating and alienating everyone around you and doing ZERO, nothing, nada, niente and rien are surely great reasons to be penalized by ice cream and sugar.  All the other kids talk about it.  It’s embarrassing.  I’m embarrassed for them.

EVIL NUMBER THREE:  The Running Excuse Via Parental Manipulation. “Ms. Jones, please e-mail me as soon as Fred starts having problems.”  Why do I bother?  With 13 days left of school I’m still hearing the same old song.  He said he did the work.  He said he’s not talking.  He said he’s paying attention but just doesn’t get it.  Well… get your ass in here for extra help and stop whining!  We did it in class TOGETHER.  It was a class assignment and if you did nothing (which is probably the case), you had to take it home for homework.  I can’t wipe your asses for you dears.  Someday YOU will be accountable.  I cannot wait for the day!

So when will this generation (and I’m not talking about all of you – you know who you are) of parents rise to the occasion and step up to mold their children into hard-working, productive, non-whining members of society?  When?

I don’t know if that day will ever come but I wish they would stop masking their poor parenting skills and own up to it.  In my opinion we’re raising a weak generation of complainers.

Ladies and Gentlemen, step right up to see the pussification of America at its best!

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4 responses to “Do The Excuses Ever Stop? Enabling, Mommy Texting and Other Evils – A Re-examination From A Teacher’s Point of View

  1. Awesome post! I especially agree with the comments about failure. I think it is a student’s right to fail. Sometimes, failure is more effective in the long run (which is what education is supposed to be about) than passing.

  2. My kid is 3 so I haven’t yet dealt with the exact things you are talking about, but I’m seeing the beginnings of it. When I teach Sunday School, the other teachers have the kids refer to me as Mary. I would prefer preschoolers call me Mrs. X or even Miss Mary. But just plain old Mary?! When I was a kid (I can’t believe I’m using that phrase when I’m only 32 – sheesh), our Sunday School teachers were MRS. So and So. Shoot, I STILL call them Mrs. So and So when I see them in church.

    I was taught by my parents that an adult is called Mr. or Mrs. unless and until they tell you otherwise. So why are people my age introducing me to their children as Mary?! I make my daughter say Mrs. or Mr. Or, for my close friends, Miss Jen or Miss Whatever.

    When children address adults as if they were peers, they start to perceive them as peers. And who the heck sees a peer as an authority figure? It sounds small, but small things add up to re-form a society.

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