Reflecting On New Year’s Eve: Because I’m Not Ready For Any Resolutions Yet!

Times Square, New Year's Eve, December 31, 2007

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Another New Year’s Eve has come and gone and I’m still waking up alone in my bed – Where the Hell did my husband sleep last night?

It was always a tradition in my family to watch the ball drop in Times Square at midnight from the comfort of our living room then have a feast complete with mini-hot dogs, provolone, pepperoni, Herring for my dad and a host of other pickies that we all enjoyed.  It was a joyous time to celebrate the New Year and to reflect on the past and try to improve the future.

When I stopped spending New Year’s Eve with Mommy and Daddy, no matter where I was, or what I was doing, I would always call them at midnight to wish them a Happy New Year.  This year was no exception.  Even though my mother is gone, my dad still has his 12 o’clock feast:  mini-hot dogs, cheese, herring and some homemade dandelion wine.

Looking back on New Year’s Eves gone by, I happily remember how I celebrated each one – even when they were not so happy.

  • Fun parties at my cousin’s house.
  • Crazy parties at my house.
  • Parties at hotels and restaurants.
  • Spending it alone in my bed crying.
  • Watching my husband fall asleep.
  • Dropping way too much money in Atlantic City on dinner and a wine pairing + $500!
  • First Night in Montclair.
  • Toasting with my family and friends.

I’m not sure if there is any happiness left for December 31st but I was glad to have some friends over this year.  I miss having a big party or going to a big party.  It’s just not the same anymore.  Maybe I’m just whining.

As my traditions fade I can only think about starting more.  My dream scenario is spending Christmas and New Year’s in Paris – in the city I love – not stuck in suburban Hell at the Jersey Shore.

Aside from all that, I AM thankful for my family and their good health and my good health – barring the miserable sinus infection.  I have a good feeling about 2011 because this afternoon while I was putting away clothes I found my lost gold earring that my husband gave to me.  I thought I lost it a while back and recently chalked it up to LOST FOREVER status.  Today I found it!

I hope the new year bring better days for everyone.  I hope you had a Happy New Year and I hope that 2011 is better than ever!

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2 responses to “Reflecting On New Year’s Eve: Because I’m Not Ready For Any Resolutions Yet!

  1. You had me at Homemade Dandelion Wine…..

    🙂 Lisa at

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