Always Learning Something New… Lifelong Learner or ADHD?

As long as I can remember once I’ve mastered something, I have to move on to something new.  I’m not sure if it’s sheer boredom, a lust for learning or just ADHD creeping into another facet of my life – but it’s something innate.

Not to toot my own horn, but I am good at a lot of things.  It seems like almost everything I try, and like, I excel at.  Then I get bored and move on to the next project.

I think that’s why I like languages.  I speak five and then some.  You’re always learning something new – even in English.  My education has taken me just short of earning a doctorate – so aside from stroking my own ego, going back for my PhD is futile and expensive, for that matter.

So my projects have been many but none quite brought to fruition.  Laziness? Probably.  Indecision?  Definitely.

I love to cook and I’m quite good at it.  I started writing a cookbook.  I started making a brochure for my catering company.  I made up flyers to teach cooking classes.  I even made up personal chef leaflets where I would cook healthy, calorie controlled meals for people.  Did I mention that I’m an expert at losing weight too?

In any case, to date, I’ve done nothing.

Last year I bought a silk-screening machine for my new tee-shirt business.  One of a kind, silk-screened, original artwork clothing.  I even made up business cards and a website.  The machine sitting in my home office under a pile of crap and the tee shirts are still in a bag from A.C. Moore.

I’ve scrapbooked (I could open my own store with the supplies I have), thought about sewing again and designing my own line of clothing, bought canvases so I could paint and even wrote a book (that I never quite finished).

I’ve even entertained the idea of video editing (as a second career) because I have all the hardware, software and knowledge to edit videos for people.  I’m actually pretty good at that too.  I started a documentary movie – it’s still in the camera….  I even partnered up with a friend to discuss writing, shooting, editing and producing adult movies – if you know what I mean.  I think I’d be great at that!

I thought about being a personal shopper or stylist.  I love fashion and boy can I shop!  Interior design has also crossed my mind.  I love to decorate and I have great taste – all I need is money.

Now I have a new pursuit.  Jewelry making.  I bought some books and magazines and I’m eagerly reading about techniques and stitches and other stuff.  It intrigues me.

So I ask you… Is this another one of my failed attempts to pursue something I find interesting?  Will I actually do anything with it?  Will I get bored quickly like I have with everything else?

What the Hell am I going to do in the summer?  I’ll need a job.  I may actually have to get a real job to supplement my already real job from September through June.  I can bartend – great personality – great rack – need I say more.

What’s your take?

Am I:

  1. A lifelong learner
  2. ADHD
  3. A spoiled brat
  4. An entrepreneur constantly searching for the “right gig”

I don’t know.  You tell me.  Thanks in advance – by the way.

© 2011  J. H-M and CultureChoc2010

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13 responses to “Always Learning Something New… Lifelong Learner or ADHD?

  1. I was torn between lifelong learner and true entreprenaur! 🙂

  2. Were you writing this post about me….


  3. Thanks for the well wishes! It’s a lot to take in!
    You and I seem to have quite a few similarities- it’s somewhat eerie….
    I dabble in graphic design for my brother’s screen printing business’ and while attending college, I was a jewlery designer.

  4. As others said, I think you were writing this post about me. Lifelong learner, definitely. And maybe an Aries??

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  6. Hard to say… what it sounds to me like, more than anything, is that you have not found that one thing you love (you don’t have to love something just because you are good at it, you know) yet. Could that be?

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