Looking At The Week Ahead

Aside from the status quo:  wake up, shower, go to work, call Daddy, cook and sleep… I have ambitious agenda this week to which I would LOVE to actually adhere.

The list gets less ambitious as the week progresses… but that all can change.


  • Cook pork tenderloin stuffed with gorgonzola and figs for dinner.  A recipe from an old issue of Cucina Italiana.
  • Marinate Tuesday night’s dinner.
  • Review items on my catering menu and start writing descriptions.
  • Work on my first jewelry project:  a necklace with velvet hearts and glass and metal beads.
  • Come up with my first silk-screening idea.
  • Watch DVRed Jerseylicious.


  • Stop at the store and pick up bananas and mini marshmallows.
  • Pick up crimp tubes and head pins.
  • Cook Beef Braised in Wine.
  • Go through the fridge – purge and freeze.
  • Blog.
  • Read.


  • Cook Chicken Milanese.
  • Bake Banana Split Brownies.
  • Finish or almost finish 1st beading project.
  • Read.


  • Cook
  • Print out silk-screen transparency.
  • Blog.


  • Go to Happy Hour!
  • Not cook.
  • Do whatever I want.


  • Sleep late.
  • Burn image onto silk screen.
  • Go to Angelina’s on The Water in Staten Island for a night of dinner and dancing with my husband.


  • Do nothing.
  • Read.
  • Blog.

Maybe not ambitious – but for a procrastinator like me……  What does your week look like?

Image: renjith krishnan / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

One response to “Looking At The Week Ahead

  1. Monday: Walk dog, Paperwork, Blog, Homeschool, drive to swim practice, bank, , Target to pick up some birthday gifts for the boys, back to pick up kids from swim practice, get other son to basketball practice, grocery shop, blockbuster, laundry and catch an old episode of 90210 before bed.

    Tuesday: Walk dog, Blog, Homeschool, Clean, love the cats up, Make peppersteak, pea soup, laundry, clean, hopefully decide on my paint colors, drive to swim practice.

    Wednesday: Walk dog, Blog, Homeschool, love the cats up, Laundry, Clean, Bake an apple creamcheese pie, Swim meet!

    Thursday: Walk dog, Blog, Homeschool, love the cats up, Laundry, Clean,
    Drive other son to basketball practice, Athletics meeting in our lake community clubhouse, Special Education Parent Advisory Group meeting (if I can make both meetings), possibly diner with the girls afterwards.

    Friday- Walk dog, Blog, Homeschool, love the cats up, Laundry, Clean, four swim practices (yeah I only have three kid’s but my one son has a double practice on Friday) then off to Ladies Comedy Night with the girls.

    Saturday- Walk dog, Blog, Clean, Basketball game at 11:30, Basetball Game at 1:30, write a mediation/ due process complaint for a parent, and hopefully get a little down time.

    Sunday- Walk dog, Blog, go to my niece’s first birthday party, spend time with the family. Get ready for the next weel all over again.

    Oh yeah, and I’ll work in beween if I get any business but things have been painfully slow!

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