rouge blanc poupre vert


rose rouge blanc vert

magenta jaune blanc vert



bleu pêche blanc vert

I love color.   I finally got rid of my stark white walls and replaced them with green, purple and chartreuse.

Color is your friend.  There is so much inspiration in nature.

Try it out at home.  Try it out in your wardrobe.


If you don’t like your walls, you could always re-paint them.

© 2011  J. H-M and CultureChoc2010

5 responses to “Couleurs

  1. Oh, I think better pick the right color the first time or my husband will be pissed. LOL! I’m debating at the moment whether to try something new with painting the walls a light color and the ceiling dark. I’m thinking wheat colored walls with either a Burgandy or Fawn Brown colored ceiling. I am really stressing over this decision too! This would be for my living room and dining room. As for my other walls, I like color too. My kitchen is a dark blue, my bedroom is a pale pink, my bathroom is a country blue, one of my boys room is a very dark brown, the guest bedroom and one bathroom is in a bright canary yellow. Matter of fact the only white walls I have is in our basement/ playroom. 🙂

  2. Yes your bathroom colors are great but what color is your ceiling? So far you are my only one vote to go for it. I read on the internet they recommend light colors for the ceiling because unless it is a high celing it will make the room look dark and the celing lower. In one way, I agree with you to Go for it but honestly I’m still confused so I’ll wait another day or two before I decide. 🙂

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