Kitty Talk: STILL An Embarassing Admission

I don’t know about you, but I can’t help but baby-talk to my 4 – no – now 3 kitty cats.  My husband makes fun of my catlingo but my babies know exactly what I say – at least I think they do.  With names like Bailey Boots Little Pussy & Peaches N. Crème de Menthe, Contesse Thursday Jeudi de la Mer (adopt Thursday at and Tia Maria Tigresse, it’s hard not to have fun.

Besides Peaches, Tia and Bailey I call them tons of names.  I don’t know how they know who I’m talking to, but they do:

  • Bailey, Boots, Bear, Buddy, Mommy, Bootseree, Baldor, G Boy, Mommy’s Boy, Kitty Cat Bat, Tee La, Mommy Ska La, Foo Fighter, Pretty Boy, Boo, Smee, Snuggy, Ma Moo, Boo Bear Boy, Teess, Swee, Cheese, Chicken, Chicken-Boo, Mummy, Boodis, Butter Bean….
  • Peaches, Bear, Mommy’s Girl, Mommy, Bunny Girl, Cotton Tail, G, Buddy, La, Peachka, Snuggy, Bunny, Buddy Girl, Cheese, Chicken, Chicken-Boo,  Mummy, Butter….
  • Tia, Ti Ti, Chickie, Lala, Pretty Girl, Mommy’s Girl, Mommy….

They also have their own theme songs (yes, I’m nuts).  If I sing Bailey’s song, he comes and Peaches does the same.  Do you want to hear them?  Again, I know I’m nuts but I love my babies.

  • Bailey Bear with black hair, he’s my Bailey, Bailey Bear.
  • Peaches N. Cream, Peaches N. Cream, little itty bitty, bitty Peaches N. Cream.
  • Tia hasn’t been here long enough yet.

My Catlingo continues to not only names and songs but to everyday cat chat.

Food is foodis.  Do you want me to open the door for you is you want Mommy opee up?  Do you want to go to bed becomes you wanna go seepy in the bed?  The only thing that seems to stay the same is do you want to eat? The backyard wildlife all have names too.

  • squirrels = squirrlees
  • chipmunks = ship monkeys
  • birds = birdies
  • rabbits = bunny wabbits
  • bugs = buggies
  • mice = mousies
  • ants = anties
  • cats = kitty cat friends

That about covers the yard and surrounding areas.  I know I sound like a total nut but I remember my parents always talking baby talk to our dogs when I was growing up.  Even with my pets, my mom, when she was alive and my dad always talked baby-talk to their grand-cats.  It’s a given.

Do you?  I think almost everybody does it, but many don’t admit it.  I can’t believe I am!

© 2011 J. H-M and CultureChoc2010



7 responses to “Kitty Talk: STILL An Embarassing Admission

  1. Have no fear Jacqui, you are not alone! I’m just glad to know that I’m in good company 🙂

  2. what happened to the cat Wednesday?

    • That beautiful cat, even after 6 months, was fighting with my other cats so much. It got worse instead of better. Hair pulling, spraying, scratching, blood. I even tried to break up a fight, got bit right in my vein – had a BAD infection – my hand swelled like a purple balloon. She’s waiting to get adopted at Petsmart through SAVE Rescuegroups. I’m sick about having to give her back after all that time. I even tried to find her a good home but the guy brought her back to me within 2 weeks – she hated him. : (

  3. I have nicknames for my cats because sometimes I forget their names. Geez….I’m getting old!

  4. Your cats are gorgeous! And I love you kitty lingo! 🙂

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