The Remnants of Superbowl Sunday

The only thing I got out of Superbowl Sunday was a fatter ass and a bigger belly.

I’m still eating ribs, wings, subs and other shit food replete with a fat content to make you gain weight in a matter of hours.  I wanted to start my diet (for lack of a better word – really a lifestyle change) on Monday but to my chagrin I have all this grub that I feel guilty about throwing away.

There are starving people, you know.

I always feel like it’s a sin to waste food.  My parents never forced me to clear my plate but I still cringe at the thought of tossing perfectly good chow to the rats at the garbage dump.

So I eat it until I’m sick of it.  Frankly, I throw out more than I should.

Tonight I ate leftover Rigatoni Vodka.  What did this year’s Superbowl leave you with?  Do tell….

© 2011 J. H-M and CultureChoc2010

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