Pet Peeve Saturday

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Image by zarprey via Flickr

Tomorrow will be my mother’s 6 year death anniversary.

So instead of crying and dwelling I decided that I would bitch and moan about some of my pet peeves.

  1. Pet peeve number one:  I hate LLDs.  Left Lane Dicks.  You know the discourteous Richards who ride in the left lane below the speed limit, pass no one and speed up when you try to pass them.
  2. Arrogant assholes with attitudes.
  3. People who pull up to gas pumps with their gas tanks on the wrong side.  A blatant disregard for order and frankly a lack of common courtesy.  I see it more at Costco gas more than anywhere else.
  4. Idiots who pull out in front of you on major highways and cause you to slam on your breaks and dump the entire contents of your purse on the floor or slam into them because they are stupid.
  5. People who don’t believe.

Wow!  I guess I’m peeving about people today.  What’s that all about?

© 2011 J. H-M and CultureChoc2010

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3 responses to “Pet Peeve Saturday

  1. Why is it left laners are mostly from NY? I’ve now learned to speed in the right lane. Less tickets. Just a tip! 🙂 Oh and how I hate when the pocketball falls. That really sucks! Lastly, Sending prayers your way, always….

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