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Pussy Costs Money

No matter what kind of pussy you’re talking about, it’s going to cost you.

Let’s examine the possibilities:

  1. Dating: Dinner?  A movie?  Making it worthwhile costs some serious cash.  Be sure your companion is worth it or worthy of it.
  2. Health: Gyno visits.  Birth control.  Tampons.  Douches.  General health and well-being doesn’t come cheap – even with health insurance.
  3. Pets: This is the one I’m talking about!  I spend a mint on my cats.  My new cat’s (that we rescued from a snowy parking lot in Warren, NJ in November) vet bills are enormous:  $750 first 2 visits.  $500 second visit and another $400 for an emergency spay!  Bailey:  Yearly shots and a lovely infection in his chin $350 and growing.  Peaches will have to wait.  Forget about the beaucoup bucks dental cleaning visits.  I’m broke.
  4. Marriage: Keeping your pussy happy is an all-around task.  Some are higher maintenance than others.  Clothes, shoes, jewels, dinners, sex – and the list goes on.
  5. Male entertainment: Dare I mention go-go bars?
  6. Bullying: The school bully beats the crap out of you, takes your money – voilà.  Morale of the story… Don’t be a pussy!  Stand up for yourself or have someone stand up for you.  That’s how I got rid of my bully as a kid.
  7. The Pussification of American kids: I hope I don’t have to explain this… but it’s going to cost money in the long run.
  8. Female entertainment: We too, need to keep our own pussies entertained.  Did you ever read the book “Cucumbers Are Better Than Men”?  Not on the best sellers list – but good for a chuckle.

Pussy is power.  Pussy is expensive.  Is pussy worth it?

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