The Shoe-Switchover

It’s that time of year again for my massive shoe switchover.  The task is daunting and takes days to accomplish but since I’m home for Spring Break it makes it less of a chore and more of a project.

Since my shoe collection has grown so much, I can only fit one season in there at a time – that’s about 12 shelves with approximately 13 or 14 pairs of shoes across – help me with the math…

That’s about 156 – 168 shoes in the closet at a time.  And that’s not counting the countless I do not have room for… oops!

Step One:  Yank all the winter-like shoes out of the shoe closet and throw into a giant pile on the floor.  The pile gets so high it grows past the top of the bed.  Dust shelves thoroughly.

Step Two:  Go up into the horror-show of an attic with no floor and throw down the ladder as many pairs of footwear as I can get my hands on – trying not to hit the cats below circling like piranhas and craftily trying to pass me up the ladder so that they can spend the day in junk and pink fiberglass.

Step Three:  Start the switchover.  Winter shoes in the summer shoe boxes and summer shoes on the shelves.

Step Four:  Involve the husband.  There are several Rubbermaid tubs sitting on beams just waiting to be brought down.  Sadly I am not strong enough to get them down the ladder without serious physical injury – so my poor husband has to traipse the tubs down the precarious, metal stairs without breaking his ass.

Step Five:  Continue switching the shoes and put the remainder of the pile into the tubs.

Step Six:  “John!  Can you please bring the tubs back up in the attic!”  He always loves this one.

Step Seven:  Arrange closet by color and style.

Step Eight:  Realize that there must be another box or container of shoes upstairs because I know that I am missing some.

Step Nine:  Go back up into the attic (both of us) and search for the missing shoes – that I can never find until the next season!

Step Ten:  The final sigh of relief when the closet is all done.  “Ahhhhhhh.”  And the satisfaction that I won’t have to do this until the weather changes again.

What are some of your “season-changing” behaviors?  Do you do the shoe switchover?  The clothes switchover perhaps?

Is your closet ready?

© 2011 J. H-M and CultureChoc2010.

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