Death Consumes

Quinn Driscoll Memorial at WyEast

Image by dalechumbley via Flickr

Poetry is magical, sad, happy, evil and heavenly.

I’ve been writing poetry since I’ve been in junior high school.  I’ve compiled 4 volumes of poems called Deep Thought.

  1. Deep Thought
  2. Deep Thought:  Lost in Erotica
  3. Deep Thought:  Lost in Space
  4. Deep Thought:  Death & The Afterlife

Here’s my newest in Deep Thought:  Death & The Afterlife.

Death Consumes

Death puzzles me
It’s so cold and final
Locked in a box
Nothing to see

A woman so bright
So full of life
Encased in bronze
Can only see night

A cancer grows
And eats her alive
An infection so fierce
From her head to her toes

Locked in a box
So full of life
A cancer grows
From her head to her toes

© 2011 J. H-M and CultureChoc2010.


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